It’s official, Millennial pink is dead

The colour we’ve all come to love has grown up and moved on – what’s next?
Brigid Arnott

We all fell hard for Millennial Pink. It’s just what the doctor ordered to create a calm, welcoming interior space you want to spend time in. The dusty warm undertones and hidden depths took pink – a nurturing colour by all accounts – and made it so much more user-friendly to work in with wood tones, metallic accents and tactile textures.

It’s been a while now and, like any heady love affair, interest is waning somewhat and we find ourselves searching for something new to embrace in its place.

We’ve noted the absence of Millennial Pink from the round of 2019 colour forecasts – Dulux, Pantone and Haymes have all begun to move away from it.

Millennial Pink is dead
Dulux “Whole Self” palette (Credit: Photo: Lisa Cohen/Style: Bree Leech)

According to past The Block winners-turned-designers Alisa and Lysandra Fraser say they’re moving past Millennial Pink to embrace more natural tones of brown and green in their interior design projects. On the whole, designers and trend forecasters alike are suggesting alternatives to take your home’s colour palette in a gentle change of direction away from pink and brass towards mauve and marble, lending a crisper, sophisticated edge and the introduction of deeper greys.

Which brings us to embrace the new wave of colour – deep jewel tones that have been lapping at our design feet for some time now. Blues and greens are a natural partner to the luxe metallic finishes we’re continuing to see in interiors – the old-world aesthetic of Art Deco, the timeless depth of hand-dyed indigo, the plush texture of velvet – all work beautifully in colours of royal blue and dramatic dark greens.

“I love the depth and moodiness of indigo and the contrasting overlay of reflective metallics”

Wendy Moore, Home Beautiful editor-in-chief
Millennial Pink is dead
Home Beautiful ‘Bold Ambition’ trend for 2019 (Credit: Brigid Arnott)

If Millennial Pink retains its hold on your designer heart, however, don’t despair. Perhaps the transition to blues and greens via a more earthy palette of terracotta and sage green, with layers of natural rattan and timber will ease the journey, before diving headlong into a sea of blue and green.

Watch this space.

Millennial Pink is dead
Home Beautiful ‘Homeward Bound’ trend for 2019 (Credit: Brigid Arnott)

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