3 interior trends making a statement in 2022, according to Oak and Orange

If you’re renovating any time soon, these underfoot solutions should be top of mind.

When choosing flooring for your interiors, the colour, material, finish, and room location are all key considerations to ensure you unlock your home’s maximum potential. Whether you opt for carpet, tiles, or planks, your ground surface paves the path to comfort, function and style success.

If you’re renovating or thinking about updating your flooring, it pays to know what finishes are trending now because they’re popular for good reason. It’s also worth taking note of the styles that have longevity (think sustainable, sturdy materials) and timeless appeal (think vinyl planks, timber tones, and textural rugs). We speak to Heather and Sarah, the interior experts behind Oak and Orange, about what’s making a statement in interiors and underfoot in 2022.

Take a step in the right direction with these on-trend flooring styles.

The founders of Oak and Orange, interior experts Heather and Sarah inspire people to build their dream homes.

(Credit: Photography: Alana Landsberry)

1. Material matters: Vinyl planks

There’s a lot to love about vinyl planks, a synthetic material made up of different layers that replicate the appearance of timber in a variety of colours. Heather and Sarah admire how “durable and hardwearing” the material is.

“What makes it stand out over timber or hybrid flooring for us is in the way that it is laid, the planks are loose laid or glued straight down and do not interlock, which means it is so simple and easy to replace just one single piece if it ever happens to get damaged,” Heather says. “We are all about making pretty and practical choices and that’s why we love vinyl from Andersens.

Styling tip: For hard flooring such as vinyl, Heather advises: “Always add a rug especially in a living room or bedroom. It helps to zone a space, and, in a bedroom, it helps to create warmth and coziness.”

With a cleansing colour scheme and natural timber flooring, this Mediterranean-inspired abode took its inspiration straight from the Greek islands.

(Credit: Photography: Brock Beasley and Jack Gibson)

2. Mediterranean style: Timber tones

As Australians flock to the European coastline for summer in 2022, Mediterranean style is rising in popularity in our own backyards (or should we say, living rooms?). “We are seeing Mediterranean style influencing Australian interior design more and more and a move towards the use of mixed materials and textures within a neutral colour palette,” says Sarah.

“Timber has long been around and used in lots of different ways. We think the lighter tones that have been so popular are going to make way for slightly darker and deeper timber tones in the future,” she adds.

Colour tip: The flooring colour you choose will greatly impact your overall design scheme, but “with a little bit of research and some helpful advice from the team at Andersens, it’s possible to have the colour you want,” Sarah says. Andersens have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you determine what colour will best suit your space.

In this light and airy oasis, the ‘Taj’ natural basket weave blue jute rug is the centre of attention.

(Credit: Photography: Alana Landsberry)

3. Textural variety: Radiant rugs

In 2022, texture is trending. What better way to bring warmth and texture to your floors than through a beautiful rug? “Rugs are a fabulous way to transform the look of any room. We love that if you’re renting or don’t have options to change your flooring, an oversized rug can create the change you are desiring,” says Heather.

Sarah adds: “You can transform dark flooring to light flooring with a rug, allowing you to create any style or theme within your home. And the best thing yet is you can roll it up and take it with you to your next home when you move.”

Texture tip: When it comes to styling with rugs, consider the needs of your space. For a high-traffic area, a durable carpet such as a textured loop pile in grey is forgiving, while a cream plush pile elevates a more relaxed room.

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