This 70s furniture icon is making a comeback!

Our passion for boho style interiors is bringing back this living room must-have
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If you’re living in the 70’s you’ll want to raid your Mum’s garage or local op shop to revive this cozy staple.

The Papasan chair is an icon of 1970’s style and we’re all for it! Our renewed love of cane furnishings knows no bounds and this must be the ultimate piece of 70’s style to enjoy a renaissance.

Hold the phone, the Papasan chair is back! | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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“A lovely nest for your little ones during story time, style it up with a throw to add a pop of colour, or leave it just as is – I love it simply by itself!”

Tilly Roberts, HB Stylist

With a luxuriously over-padded cushion nestled into an over-sized circular dish, the large bamboo frame tops a sturdy round base. The perfect statement chair for an outdoor room, the Papasan is lightweight and versatile and can be angled up, down and all around to maximise sun- and snuggle potential.

Reclaiming a pre-loved Papasan may require a new or recovered cushion, depending on how much action it’s seen. How you style it is up to you – either go full bohemian and layer it in throws and textured cushions, or keep it simple. 

HB stylist Tilly Roberts really loves it’s potential as a cozy addition to the family home. “It’s the perfect place to cuddle up with a cup of tea and a good book – or a loved one,” she says. It certainly makes for an instant cushioned corner wherever it’s placed.

Beware though, it’s the ideal place for a furry friend to curl up in!

Get the look

If there’s not a Papsan suspended the wall or ceiling in your Mum’s garage, here’s where to buy one:

The Papasan chair is making a comeback! | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Papasan cane chair, $179.05, Homeworld Furniture (Credit: Homeworld Furniture)
The Papasan chair is making a comeback! | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Papasan chair with natural frame and Dacron cushion, from $385, Cobra Cane (Credit: Cobra Cane)

Here’s an Insta-bevvy of lust-have lounging for your inspiration:

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