11 pretty ways to style your Kmart furniture

Style doesn’t have to be expensive.
Kmart Australia

Over the past couple of years, affordable retailers such as Kmart, Target and Big W have all recognised just how important it is to Aussie homemakers to have a beautiful home, and more importantly, to have access to beautiful homewares at affordable price points.

Whether you were inspired by an Instagrammer, a Pinterest page or even House Rules, interior design is more popular than ever. And no one can deny just how quick Kmart is to produce a bang-on-trend range of furniture and homewares that taps into the colour or style of the moment – making it the perfect destination for style-savvy decorators.

If your home is big on style but small on budget, then we have some decorating tips for you.

1. Use your imagination

This pink Kmart perforated tray is perfect for on top of coffee table, or flip it on it’s end and you have the perfect earring storage!

2. Think outside the box

This white side table may be made for a living or bedroom, but relocate it to the bathroom and top it with spa essentials and you have a luxe experience at home.

3. Go monochrome

This grey occasional chair and faux sheepskin add the perfect amount of contrast and texture to this all-white bedroom.

4. Scandi style

Kmart knows how to produce Scandinavian-inspired furniture. To perfect the look. Aim for an all white and timber colour palette.

5. Use cushions

A quick, easy and affordable way to update your home is by using throw cushions. Here, Kmart’s faux leather and white crochet-inspired cushion have been used to excellent boho effect.

6. Nordic is always in vogue

This Nordic-inspired faux-fur bench is perfect for creating a small sitting at the end of the bed or against a bedroom wall. Stick to natural materials and pair with woven details.

7. Glam is back

Kmart’s most recent range features velvet furniture with metallic accents that look oh-so-glam. Keep the glam feeling going by decorating with vases and throw blankets in similar colours to your furniture for a luxe look.

8. Always use layers

Kmart is a goldmine for affordable throw blankets and rugs. Layer up faux fur rugs, knit blankets and faux sheepskin on beds, chairs and floors for a cosy vibe, as seen here.

9. Stick to a theme

The best part of Kmart’s furniture and homewares ranges is that they are often themed by material or colour palette, which means all you need to do for a totally makeover is buy a few products for the same range. Your home will feel cohesive and styled with minimal effort.

10. Texture is your friend

Winter 2019 saw Kmart release a range of bedding, blankets and cushions in touchable fabrics such as soft knits, velvet, faux fur and velour. If your bedroom needs a makeover, make sure you have at least two different textures, as you can see here with the cotton, velvet and knits.

11. Minimalist works

There’s a reason minimalism is so popular – it always looks stylish! Kmart products are often practical, have a simple design and a utilitarian shape. Stick to the theme in the furniture and remove unnecessary clutter from your home. 

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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