Psychology of colour: Blue

Depth, stability, loyalty and wisdom are all symbolised by this eternally elegant colour

The soothing blues of vast, impossible oceans and endless skies might well have inspired the artists of our ancestors, but it wasn’t until 6000 years ago that lapis lazuli – a blue semiprecious stone discovered in Afghanistan – and its prized pigment came into use.

“Blue makes people feel calm; darker blues inspire confidence and can be very powerful, intense blues are particularly uplifting,” says designer Wende Reid.

Adored by the ancient Egyptians, the colour was lauded for its rarity, and eventually became linked with royalty and divinity. This hugely popular colour feels eternally modern, with current trends leaning towards the deeper end of the spectrum, and looks striking beside with darker colours, such as chocolate, brown and charcoal.

1. Coco Reynolds ‘360’ pendant in Indigo, $390, Marz.

2. ‘Ink Spot’ placemat, $9.50, Milk & Sugar.

3. ‘Daphne’ armchair in Navy, $565, Globe West

4. Emma Elizabeth Designs ‘Pisces’ triangle rug, $2336/250cm x 216cm, Designer Rugs.

5. Good Thing NY ‘Field’ candlesticks, $46/set of 2, Hunting For George.

6. One Another ‘X’ cushion in Ink, $135, Urban Couture.

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