Reddit user turns old mattress into a couch for $100

This is amazing

A Reddit user has raised the bar when it comes to turning trash into treasure.

Using old items he had around his home, Phil Vandelay of Hamburg, Germany created a couch for about $100 – and we want one. 

“Finished Product first. I built this Industrial couch, mostly out of reclaimed materials and I only spent around 100$ on it,” he wrote on Imgur alongside the images.

Sharing the details on Youtube, Vandelay said: “I really wanted a couch for my apartment so I decided to make my own. I happened to have a bunch of stuff (trash) left over that I recycled into this thing, mainly two old mattresses. I used the springs from one of them for additional padding and the foam from another for the cushions. The base is made from reclaimed wood beams I got for free. The only things I bought for this was the steel tubing (45x45x2mm, about 50€) and the fabric for the covers, again about 50€. My friend Leo helped with the layout and sewing for those (thanks!). The end result is super comfy!”

For more information or details on how to make this couch, click here.

Otherwise, watch the video below.

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