Seven things interior stylists say you should never do

HB's stylists share their top tips
Shania Shegedyn

Home Beautiful’s stylists Rachel Peters and Tilly Roberts reveal seven things homeowners should never do.

1. Hanging artwork too high

A good rule of thumb is to hang the centre of the picture at eye level. If artwork is hung in a dining area, position it a little lower to accommodate eye level when seated. 

2. Installing overhead lights only

Lamps and task lights are a must to add atmosphere and soften the glare of downlights. 

Seven things interior stylists say you should never do
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

3. Using short curtains

They are a faux pas in any home. “Curtains should kiss the floor – generous flowing material adds an element of luxe to any home and creates height and drama,” advises Rachel.

4. Putting down rugs that are too small for your space

Rugs should connect the elements of the room and your furniture needs to sit within the edges. 

5. Scatter accessories 

Styling is about grouping items of interest together, creating what we call vignettes. Too often bits and bobs are scattered around homes with no real focus. Gather those pieces you love and group them together, creating visual interest en masse, recommends Rachel.

Seven things interior stylists say you should never do
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

6. Not letting your personality shine through

“A home is meant to reflect who you are, not the latest trend,” says Rachel, “Show your personality – the trips you’ve been on and the items you’ve collected. Your home is yours, so own it.”

7. Being too neat with your soft furnishings

Tilly advises “Let your throws hang and toss cushions on the lounge for an inviting, lived-in look.”

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