Six essential ingredients of Hamptons-style homes

Tips on nailing this stylish trend

The Hamptons-style home has never been more popular in Australia. Our warm climate and laid-back lifestyle go perfectly with the fresh palette and natural textures that make up some of the key elements. 

With no sign of this trend slowing down, here are some things you need to know before building your dream home if you want to get it right.

1. Weatherboards

A Hamptons-style home is just as much about street appeal as it is about styling your interiors, which makes horizontal weatherboards a vital ingredient. Products like the durable James Hardie fibre cement deep shadow Linea weatherboards, with their smooth texture and deep shadow lines, are the main feature of the Hamptons design. They look the same as traditional timber but resist termites, fire, rot and moisture damage.

Weatherboards are an essential for a Hamptons style home
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

2. Pitched roof

The roof is almost half of the visual exterior of a home, so getting the pitch right is a signature Hamptons design element. As well as being an essential ingredient for the exterior of your home, the high-pitched roof creates some benefits indoors, such as higher ceilings, additional airflow and natural light.

3. Detailed gable

As well as a steep-pitched roof, an open gable, especially over the kitchen or living room, will open the roof space up, providing an abundance of natural light. Just make sure they are positioned correctly according to where the sun hits your house.  

4. Contrasting colours

Take inspiration from the sea when choosing your colour palettes. Think whites, neutrals and naturals contrasted with blues and navy. For exteriors, typical colour combinations include grey or taupe weatherboards with white trim or white weatherboards with black trim. James Hardie Axent fibre cement window and door trims are a great option. They hold paint longer than wood and can also be painted dark as well as light colours.

Choose nautical colours when deciding on your palette
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

5. Veranda 

An outdoor living area is about as Hamptons as it gets – and is a must. Think big, bright, open living areas with floor-to-ceiling panelled glass doors that help blur the lines between where your living room ends and the veranda begins. 

6. Window placement

Light and lots of it is an essential ingredient when designing your Hamptons-style home. Achieving this requires careful planning of where to place your doors and windows, making sure you make the most of the morning and afternoon sun. Doing so will completely change the look of your rooms.

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