Small space style – 5 ways to fit more into your tiny home

We can't all have enormous homes but we can have an enormous amount of style!
Small space style | Home Beautiful Magazine AustraliaMarcel Aucar

With housing prices crushing many of our dreams to own a large home with a sprawling yard – particularly closer to our cities, we turn to design and decoration to solve our space problems.

Small space style | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)

1. Bathroom

Installing an ensuite back-to-back with a small bathroom is often possible within the space once occupied by a family bathroom alone. Placing your shower over the bath saves oodles of space when you’re dealing with a cramped layout and wall-mounted heated towel rails allow efficient storage and drying without the clutter. Opt for a wall-mounted basin and borrow space from adjoining walls where possible for plumbing and recessed storage. Hang mirrors flush to the walls without a frame for a streamlined look.

Small space style | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn )

2. Kitchen

Cabinetry and layout are key in the kitchen and making the most of your storage is what will work for you. Look to even the small pockets to incorporate clever hideaways and accommodate appliances to save bench space. Edit your kitchenware with limited space in mind and invest in good quality items that will endure, such as a sturdy chopping board. Where possible choose utensils that are beautiful on display where other storage falls short.


Small space style | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Martina Gemmola)

3. Laundry

Taking cabinetry right up to the ceiling is a clever idea in a laundry space – little used items can stay there year round out of the way. Plan cabinetry to accommodate appliances and storage in what needs to be a considered layout. Tall cupboards for ironing boards, under-bench cavities for a dryer and/or washing machine. In cases where the washer is top loading, situate it at the end of the bench where there’s plenty of space to move around and, where possible include a bench top to ensure there’s still space to fold items above the dryer.

Small space style | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Marcel Aucar)

4. Bedroom

Think outside the bulk of a built-in when space is at a premium in the bedroom. Wardrobes are usually the biggest item in the room and leave little floor area to move around the bed. By splitting the hanging storage into two smart sections, this queen sized bed still has all the trappings of style with handy alcoves either side and sconce lighting above. Cabinetry stops short of the ceiling to give the illusion of height and retain the decorative cornice detailing.

Small space style | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

5. Study nook

Create space for work or study by adding built-in cabinetry next to existing architectural features. A small desk below a couple of bookshelves is all that’s needed to make a space private and functional – and to demarcate it from other zones, be it in a bedroom, hallway or living room.


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