Stunning architecture from all around the globe

From famous hotels to nightclubs and dining destinations, these creative spaces showcase unique design aesthetics

Studio Rabih Geha Architects wants to design spaces that inspire. Based in Beirut and founded in 2006, the firm has taken on a multitude of projects both commercial and residential that showcase the local environments and blend the spirit of the place with modern architectural elements. Here is a round up of some unique, inspired buildings they’ve created.

Pop-up Bar lounge, Four Seasons Hotel


With original 12-metre high walls, a second wall of columns was used to create a feature statement that both unified and separated the areas of the lounge and pool. Black square columns are interspersed with bursts of greenery that contrasts the white rooftop. The columns also work to create a sense of space, enhance airflow and dapple light through the lounge.


Villa Badaro


One of the few early twentieth century buildings to survive the pre-war years in Beirut, the design of this Villa had to pay careful attention to its heritage. Celebrating its age and flaws, the tabletops in the garden are terrazzo but in fresher, lighter colours that give the space a natural glow. Steel and glass frames canopy the garden and draw attention upwards to a lighting display. Combining past and present is obvious throughout the space, but not more so than in the dining area where a wall, stripped of its paint contrasts with a modern steel bar.




Compiled of over 50 containers, 15 steel ribs and 1100 RGB LED lights, Uberhaus is a reimagining of the inside of a whale and built to be a playground for music lovers. The containers are stacked like lego around the venue and the structure of it unfolds to create a maze of circulation and space that lends itself to a wonderland of discovery. The entire structure is modular and can be deconstructed and rebuilt anywhere in the world.

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