Style resolutions for a lovelier life

Our goals for 2017

We feel it – 2017 is going to be a good year. With a little soul searching and some fabulous inspiration, we’re resolving to make home life lovelier, more organised and altogether more stylish. It’s all about taking stock of the things that work and getting real about those that don’t. Evolution, not revolution, as we fine-tune the fabulousness of our homes

So in the spirit of fresh starts and upping stakes, our goals for 2017 are set to inspire smarter shopping, more discerning decorating and an end to anxiety over unexpected visitors. Happy New Year!

Buy well buy once: We love a bit of fast design but this year, we’re redirecting our purchasing power to investment pieces that will last forever. Think beautiful basics – linen bed sheets, fine bone china and crystal glassware. What is the first item on your lust list this year? 

Adopt a less is more philosophy: Our wardrobes and cupboards are so much nicer to use when they are not over stuffed. So it’s out with old cosmetics, dated clothes and anything that hasn’t been used in a year. Drawer dividers and tailored shelves help us to live a more pared back life. Then it’s ‘one in, one out’ and a lighter attitude all round.

Show it off: The objects of life tell our stories so bring them out of hiding. Anything meaningful is feature worthy. So, this year, we’re putting shoes on display shelves, handbags on hooks and fabulous hats absolutely everywhere. The key, though, is to display like with like to give collections a more curated feel. 

Look inside: We all have that one cupboard in our homes. The one that makes our hearts heavier every time we dare venture inside. A desk filled with unsorted paperwork, anyone? A pantry stocked with unsolved mysteries from recipes past? In 2017 we’re cleaning house. Just think how good we’ll feel when all disaster zones are sorted.

Swap out plastic packaging for glass jars: Decant dry foods into airtight canisters for some next level domestic bliss. Sure, it takes a little extra effort to maintain but the result will make you smile every day.

Rediscover the beauty within: All sorts of treasures lay waiting inside cupboards. January is the perfect time to take a fresh look at the pieces you already own and bring them out for the world to see. Look for everyday item that work well as groups – ceramics, for instance, are perfect.

Enjoying the finer things on a day-to-day basis: Draw open the curtains, make the bed, fluff cushions and eat off the good china every single day. Make the good things in life part of a daily ritual and not just for company. 

Commit to fresh blooms: Aspirational yes, but this year we’re filling our homes with flowers each week. Even if it’s just the odd single bud or strand of foliage cut from our own gardens. Because nothing brings a home to life quite like this single gesture.

Establish your look: New Year’s is the time for some serious soul searching. No longer shall we dabble in trends that don’t fit. Look beyond fashion and forget about everyone else, to surround yourself in a feeling that makes the heart skip a beat.

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