Ten indoor gardens to die for

Perk up your interiors with a boost of the green stuff!
Martina Gemmola

Our favourite Instagram green thumbs are inspiring us to take another look at our interiors and inject them with a fresh garden vibe – with a view to long term love of indoor plants.

Beware. Once you fall for indoor plants, it’s possible you will fall hard. The reward for lavishing daily care onto a collection of lush green potted beauties is tenfold as you watch them grow and fill your indoor space with colour and life.

More than that, plants clean the air you breathe and help foster a healthy way of life by taking time out to nurture and enjoy a living thing.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of gorgeous interiors from plant lovers who have incorporated them into their homes with style.

1. So. Many. Plants.

For the ultimate green thumb, we love that every inch of available space hosts a green friend!

2. Everything’s all white

Handmade ceramics in bands of neutrals and a little speckled texture.

3. Handmade planter box

Brings a retro vibe and offsets the smooth surfaces of large-leafed climbers.

4. From little things…

Big things grow.

5. Where the bed takes a backseat

Release your inner indoor gardener with abandon!

6. Neutral palette

With divine textures of woven baskets, hide throws and touches of timber.

7. Jungle in the bathroom

This gorgeous home is completely overrun with the green stuff in a good way!

8. Every surface

Used to perfection to capture the most of the sunniest spot in the house.

9. Plant lovers’ paradise on a budget

So many great finds and plant decorating ideas here from IKEA and other department stores.

10. Lived in and loved

Mature plants abound in between gorgeous mid-century modern style.

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