The 2019 IKEA catalogue has landed


Forget Father’s Day cookbooks and the latest instalment of teen fiction, THIS is the book we’ve been waiting for.

Pens down, the arrival of the IKEA catalogue for 2019 on our desks here at HB HQ sparked a lunge for the Post-it notes and a group huddle to pore over the pages, yielding lots to love, lots to look forward to and some nice surprises along the way.

The 2019 IKEA catalogue has landed | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: IKEA)

More than ever, IKEA is looking closely at how we live, with case studies carried out on real family homes in their continued search for understanding of how we live in our homes. As a result, they have created seven homes for us to explore – representing real rooms complete with storage, styling and decorating solutions for our everyday lives.

Almost more than falling in love with new releases, we love to see how IKEA have reimagined their existing range to work in with new seasonal trends. Even more exciting then perhaps is seeing many of our favourite pieces at new, lower prices.

Take a look.

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