The flooring trends that will be huge in homes this year

Find a look to suit your style
Cath Muscat

We break down flooring’s latest trends and look at the materials of the moment. 

Bold Exoticism

Gathering colours, shapes and patterns that evoke the mood of intriguing destinations can bring a dreamy, global exoticism into our homes. Pick and choose inspiration from jewel-toned hues, burnished metals, clay, traditional motifs and expanses of tiny tessellated tiles.

“Geometric patterns and bold accent colours are paramount to creating an exotic interior.”

Rachel Peters, HB senior stylist


“Think terracotta, mosaics, repeated trellis designs and plush textures.”

Feature flooring has never looked so good.

Character building

Patterned encaustic tiles have a long history, and their character-filled, decorative beauty is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. These pressed-cement tiles are finished with a coloured face made of crushed natural stone, colour pigments and cement. Traditionally, encaustic tiles are handmade.

Shape Shifters

Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a huge array of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic, but have been fired and pressed slightly differently and are considered stronger and less porous than regular ceramic tiles. Both types are relatively easy-care; the biggest issue for cleaning is the grout, so consider rectified-edge tiles for thinner grout lines, and a coloured grout that won’t show dirt so quickly.


Carpet: ‘Ombre Nadia’ hand-tufted loop carpet in Crimson, Tappeti.

‘TBK190101’ 230mm x 266mm hexagonal tile in Grey and White, Tiles by Kate.

‘Park Lane’ 300mm x 600mm porcelain tile in Ivory, Carpet Court.

‘Acapulco’ 195mm x 195mm terracotta tile in Allegra, Surface Gallery.

‘TBK15408’ 200mm x 200mm encaustic tile in Grey and Orange, Tiles by Kate.

‘Arabesque’ 200mm x 200mm cement encaustic tile in Blue, Eco-Tile Factory.

‘Deco Tribeca’ 600mm x 600mm porcelain tile in Calize, Earp Bros.

‘Venecia 28005’ handmade mosaic, 300mm x 300mm sheet, Bespoke Tile & Stone.


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