The backward books trend – are we in or out?

There’s a new trend taking over Instagram – will it work in your home?
Syd Wachs via Unsplash

Whether baulking the trend to colour code our bookshelves, or simply a move to interiors taking on more natural hues and textural tones, backward books are creating a stir.

The pages of books, no matter their age, have a lovely warm lived-in glow that works beautifully with old houses and brings a longed-for patina to a brand new interior. Style mavens are taking the plunge and flipping their paperbacks with abandon.

There are some challenges with the trend, however – with all of your books reversed, it’s difficult to find a book you’re looking for and, having the pages facing out exposes them to dust, damp and damage but… gee they look pretty.

What do you think?

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