14 of the best decorating ideas for cane and wicker outdoor furniture

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The sun is out and it’s time to look at outdoor furniture to whip our outdoor entertaining areas into shape for summer.

We’ve done the shopping for you with 14 picks for the latest decorating ideas for outdoor rooms featuring cane and wicker furniture – colours, fabrics and styling ideas abound!

Wicker outdoor furniture

Made either from rattan or plastic, wicker furniture is woven in a finer grade, basket-style weave that sometimes covers a frame. Modern or classic in style, opt for a mix-and-match of pieces or an entire setting to seat a crowd.

1. All white

A collection of crisply painted white wicker armchairs skirts the edge of a balcony to take the brunt of the weather. Complimentary upholstered chairs huddle away from the elements, closer to the house.

2. Large scale

Heavier in scale, this matching suite gives a more formal effect, gathered around a central timber coffee table. A pair of wicker ottomans pushed together forms a day bed.

3. Take it outside

Truly weatherproof, wicker is the perfect material for an elegant dining setting. Festoon lighting and lanterns on the table transport the mood from daytime to evening.

4. Tribal timbers

Wicker crosses all cultures as seen in this eclectic setup, where two dining chairs form ‘carvers’ at either end. Heavy timbers create a backdrop for this outdoor room, with more woven rattan featuring in a row of pendant lights overhead.

5. Elegant sufficiency

A simple setting of oversized modular wicker lounges form an easy ‘L’ shape, dressed for summer with pops of tropical colour in scatter cushions to pick up the colours in floor tiles.

Cane outdoor furniture

Thicker rattan or cane is worked with bold, sweeping curves into rounder, more organic forms in a more open weave. Side tables topped with glass, classic armchairs to relax in on the verandah or reclaimed vintage pieces reworked with new soft cushions and colours.

6. Lounge love

A classic cane lounger sets the scene for outdoor living all year round. Style up a bunch of trend-forward cushions, swapping from cosy in winter to colourful in summer.

7. Keep it neutral

Simple forms and neutral fabrics on cushions keep things light and summery.

8. Nautical but nice

Dark navy blues with a touch of geometric pattern brings a modern look to traditional nautical style.

9. Party of one

The perfect getaway to get lost in a book, a favourite view or simply to enjoy the tranquility.

10. Hanging chairs

Rather than a single hanging chair, hang a pair together for an intimate outdoor conversation pod. 

11. Classic charm

Nothing says “welcome” more plainly than a pair of elegant cane armchairs to evoke a stolen moment in which to sit and watch the world go by.

12. Easy outdoors

All it takes is an outdoor cane sofa and a coffee table nearby to take guests outside in the sunshine.

13. Cheat’s way to wicker

Whilst this outdoor furniture isn’t wicker, the pendant lights overhead from IKEA are woven from bamboo – perfect for the outdoors and an affordable decorating fix to bring the wicker furniture trend to an existing outdoor setting. 

14. Rough and rugged

Even with the most minimal decorating treatment, this pergola becomes an outdoor room. All it takes is a pair of hanging cane chairs, a rug and the obligatory sofa. Bliss! 

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