The best place to put your statement armchair

Form follows function
Derek Swalwell

Get the most out of yours – whether a to-die-for investment piece or the most comfy perch in the house.

1. In front of your French doors

Using an armchair in front of an exit works much more effectively than a sofa or dining table in an open plan area. It allows for circulation space without interrupting the conversation area the armchair can create with other, larger pieces of furniture.

2.  In front of your fireplace

A fixed fireplace will still dominate the area it occupies, regardless of its redundancy during the warmer months. Placing a single or a pair of armchairs in front of it will change the dynamic of the furniture layout and make use of the space.

3. In your nursery

One of the best attributes of your favourite armchair is its flexibility. The ability to morph into a feeding chair on the arrival of a new baby to your home should be taken advantage of – perhaps late night feeds will become that little bit easier to endure in a fabulous chair!

4. At your desk

At the right height, your statement chair can be drawn up to your workstation to do double duty as a source of comfort, inspiration and support – all you need in a best friend, really!

5. In your kitchen

If you have room in your kitchen to position your armchair as part of the action, tucked it into a corner, this is an ideal vantage point to watch the world go by in your home. Close enough to your island bench or dining table, you can remain part of the action while enjoying a magazine and cup of tea! Of course it also positions your favourite piece right where everyone can see and appreciate it on a daily basis.

The best place to put your statement armchair | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Derek Swalwell)
The best place to put your statement armchair | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: PInterest/House Beautiful)

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