The colour app every home decorator will want

You wont look at colour in the same way again
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Working with colour is an enormous amount of fun – possibly the best part of a home renovation. Once you’re in the decorating groove, colour inspiration can come from anywhere, any time. 

Swatch colour app | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Swatches: Live color pickers)

Introducing your own choice of colours to an interior makes it your own and allows you to express yourself and the feeling you want to create in a room.

The newly released Swatches: Live Color Picker app allows you to capture colours wherever you are, store it as a swatch you can carry with you on your device. Much in the same way Spotify searches and captures music and, similar to the app released earlier this year by PantoneSwatches captures a colour and turns it into a swatch with matching Pantone number and RGB values, however it’s free and doesn’t require you to take and store a photo on your device or sync with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Swatches colour app | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Swatches: Live color picker)

So, next time you’re inspired by a fashion item or something you see in a commercial space or restaurant, or perhaps you’re keen to emulate your favourite t-shirt in the real to live in and share all day long.

Collect and share your swatches and find the perfect match to your capture in fabric, paint, any kind of finish.

We love: Voice over support function for the visually impaired or colour blind.

So far only available for iOS compatible devices. Go to the App Store or visit Swatches online (if only to watch their homepage background morph through the full colour spectrum!)


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