The handmade pottery that rekindled a community

A pioneering artist saw a failing community and literally took matters into her own hands
Wonki Ware

Di Marshall, founder of Wonki Ware has kick started a community in the little town of George in South Africa, making beautiful objects from a simple lump of clay.


Working from a vision for what a community can become, Marshall was inspired by a nation going through change to kickstart the creative lives of 80 previously unemployed people and teach them the art of pottery.

Creating “timeless, vibrant products, organically shaped”, each item passes through the hands of at least 15 individuals, changing the lives of the artisans that make them. 

Wonki Ware | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Wonki Ware)

“No two pots will ever be the same”

Di Marshall, Wonki Ware
Wonki Ware | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Wonki Ware)

Tablewares are made by hand, including bowls, jugs, platters, plates and dishes, each piece is therefore unique and individual cut from a slab, with the clay rolled and prepared before being placed over shape casts. Once dry, it is smoothed and edged before being packed carefully into kilns for the first firing.

Every single piece is then sanded by hand, then relief waxed and dipped into liquid glaze to produce varied colours for sale.

Wonki Ware | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Wonki Ware)

Watch this video to visit the Wonki Ware studio in South Africa.

Visit Wonki Ware here.

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