The new app that will change the way you shop

Ikea makes choosing your next sofa a breeze

Shopping for furniture just got that much easier, with today’s launch of Ikea Place, an ‘augmented reality’ app that lets people experiment with different products in their own home.

The state-of-the-art technology automatically scales products to fit your room with 98 per cent accuracy. It’s so precise, in fact, that you will be able to see the texture of fabric, and visualize how light and shadows play on your furnishings.

In addition to digitally placing Ikea products in a room, the app allows you to capture the room setting and share it as an image or video with your friends. The days of attempting to visualise how a new product will fit in your room will feel decidedly old-fashioned.

Ikea's new augmented reality app

At first, the app will feature 2,000 Ikea living products, including all sofas, all armchairs, all footstools and all coffee tables, along with the top-selling storage units. More products will follow. 

“The launch of Ikea Place is an exciting milestone,” says Tiffany Buckins, Head of Interior Design for IKEA Australia.

“We understand that the world is changing and that technology is impacting the way we live at home, especially in the living room. People want to make more out of their space, they are looking for flexibility that reflects their everyday lives and all the different activities that take place in the living room. Technology like Ikea Place coupled with inspiring living room solutions, is one way Ikeahopes to help create a better everyday life for Australians,” she says.

Ikea Place will be available to download from the App Store soon.

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