This or that: House Rules Judges Wendy Moore and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen battle it out

We uncover their thoughts on popular styles, rooms to renovate and places to go. Who do you agree with?!
wendy moore laurence Llewelyn-Bowen drew heath judges house rules
Judges Wendy Moore, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Drew Heath


First room to renovate: Kitchen or bathroom?

Wendy: I think I’d probably start with the kitchen because it’s just a bit more fabulous.

LLB: Well, also bearing in mind I’m British and we don’t wash, so we don’t have bathrooms. We just have a patio hose to just get rid of the moist bits.

Carpet or Cowhide?

Wendy: See I actually prefer carpet if I had to [choose].

LLB: I go for carpet.

Wendy: I’d just trip over cowhide.

LLB: But you know, I think cowhide is a… It’s slippery, it’s slidey, it’s a dead body.

Wendy: …and it never lays flat.

LLB: It’s CSI.

City or Country?

Wendy: Both.

LLB: Both I mean I don’t think you can really survive one or the other. I have a constant debate with Mrs LLB who cannot bear going in winter to London these days. To get her into London I have to leave a trail of little miniature gin bottles.

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