Three design styles that never date

Exuding elegance and beauty, these three trends are perfect for creating timeless appeal
Marcel Aucar

When starting a renovation, there are many, many choices. Some huge, like where to put the kitchen, and some not so huge, such as choosing chairs. When decorating, a moodboard is the perfect place to start to allow you to collate your ideas on colour, aesthetic, shape and furnishings. From here you can transform your abode into a welcoming haven. 

If you’re after a look you will love for years to come, these three styles are timeless in their beauty.


French Country

Distressed wood, natural colours and fabrics such as linen, subtle colours and crisp whites are all key elements to using this design at home.



Elegant but also carefree and calm, the Hamptons look proves to be ever so popular. It is the perfect mix of casual and sophistication. An earthy palette with pops of colour and glamorous finishes such as big mirrors and chandeliers are the key to adding a touch of luxe.


For a coastal-inspired home, choose pieces that reflect a relaxed, beachy vibe. Natural materials in neutral hues are key as well as lots of white and warm, washed out colours. Furnishings such as coral, wicker, rambutan or shells will help to tie the look of your home together.

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