The top 10 indoor planters

Add a splash of greenery to your space with these gravity-defying vessels
Armelle Habib

A strategically placed plant will help to lift your space, create a calming atmosphere and will help bring the outdoors, indoors. Here are our top picks for displaying plants

(Credit: Styling Rachel Peters, Photography Aaron Perkins)
  1. ‘Bittergurka’ hanging planters in White, $16.99 each, Ikea.
  2. ‘Deluxe’ double macramé hanger in White, $295, ceramic pots in White, $45 each/large, both Terrace.
  3. Curved ceiling plant hanger in White, $28, Mr Kitly.
  4. ‘Soho’ wall planter in White, $59.95, Madras Link.
  5. Plant shelf with brackets in Brass and pot in Peach Eggshell, $440, Ivy Muse.
  6. ‘Boxcar’ pots in Ash/Bone White, $80/set of 3, Revolution Design House.
  7. ‘Qubo’ brass stand and concrete bowl, $259, Raw Luxe.
  8. ‘Terrace’ planter in White, $460, and self-watering pot, $20, both Tait.
  9. ‘Crescent’ stand in White, $239, Life Interiors.
  10. ‘Oslo 03’ plant hanger, $135, Shelf/Life.


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