Top 5 affordable ways to refresh your outdoor furniture

Summer is coming and outdoors we will go. Here's our expert guide to an affordable outdoor makeover
Marcel Aucar

As summer approaches we look to spending more time living and entertaining in our outdoor spaces. Here’s our expert guide to giving yours an affordable revamp.

Affordable outdoor makeover | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Marcel Aucar)

There has never been a greater range of options to live and entertain in your outdoor spaces. From big names to designer brands, companies are creating furniture and fabrics to withstand the Australian climate all year round .

“Outdoor fabrics have seen a shift from a singular focus on durability and longevity, to a focus that includes comfort and style in the outdoor space” says Rebecca Fox from Eco Outdoors.

Affordable outdoor makeover | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Eco Outdoor)

“There are so many inexpensive or DIY ways to up the ante in the outdoor area”

Rebecca Fox, Eco Outdoor

 Top 5 tips to refresh outdoor furniture as we head into summer

  1. Refresh your covers. Covers can get mouldy if not maintained throughout the cooler months. Eco Outdoor now offer cut-to-length fabric so if you’re wanting to refresh an existing lounge or daybed or breathe new life into your boat cushions, there will be a suitable fabric for you.
  2. Give everything a good old scrub. Some people think that outdoor furniture doesn’t need cleaning or maintenance. But just as you vacuum your carpet or wash your car, outdoor furniture needs love too. Eco Outdoor have an extensive furniture care guide on their website. The top-line – a bit of soapy water and some elbow grease.
  3. Get styling. Purchase some accessories to give your furniture a facelift without investing too much cash. Add some new cushions or throws to your lounge, some big citronella candles or fresh linen napkins to the dining table and your outdoor space will feel brand new.
  4. Light the way. Create your own candles by saving jars and tin cans or purchase a nice long string of festoon lights to hang from the ceiling. Bring a bit of magic to your outdoor space when the sun sets.
  5. Pop in plants. Head to the local garden centre and pick up a few new pots and plants. It’s amazing what a difference some greenery can make to any space. 

Our top 3 picks of the newest from Eco Outdoors

Affordable outdoor makeover | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Left to right) ‘Marsden’, ‘Kotti’ dining chairs and ‘Hunter’ easy chair, Eco Outdoors (Credit: Eco Outdoor)

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