Turning tables – Beeline Design new release in their handmade furniture range

Rising Melbourne furniture designer adds to their range
Hayley Kigbo, Haske

Adam Brislin and Lucy Grant have firmly established themselves as cutting edge designers and makers of beautiful handmade furniture. Now this creative couple add a stunning customisable dining table to their product range, inspiring budding designers along the way.

After being swept away with the success of Beeline Designs, Adam and Lucy returned to their roots to design the new ‘Flow’ table. “Tables are really where our business started,” says Adam, “but the success of other products didn’t allow us much time to work on developing anything. Last year we made a conscious decision that we wanted to introduce some key table designs into our collection.”

“We had been tossing around ideas for a new table range since the middle of last year” – Adam

dining table
Students from Design School collaborated on the launch of the ‘Flow’ table (Credit: Haley Kigbo, Haske)

Staying local to stage the launch of the Flow table, Lucy enlisted the help of students from Melbourne’s Design School in a creative collaboration to showcase the table in all it’s permutations.

“I had been in contact with Design School since we opened our Makers Collective Pop Up shop earlier this year,” says Lucy. “When I was planning a shoot for our new Flow Table I was really wanting a present it differently… and knew this was a perfect opportunity to get together.”

“It was important that it could easily be customised”

The new release ‘Flow’ table (Credit: Haley Kigbo, Haske)

Deciding to focus on one good design and with a proven track record for producing beautiful furniture by hand, the Flow table comes with an appealing range of customisable options, making it as functional as it is beautiful. Says Lucy, a former fashion designer, “The base is powder coated steel and comes in a range of colours, a variety of sizes and a Tasmanian Oak top, which can work just as well with a square or round top as it does with a rectangular one.”

handmade furniture
Beeline Designs ‘Cuba’ bed and best-selling ‘Calypso’ stool (Credit: Haley Kigbo, Haske)

The creative environment in which Adam and Lucy have carved out a thriving business is as a part the Worco cooperative in the Melbourne suburb of Preston, housing a number of different trades including a blacksmith and a number of specialist woodworkers. “Ever since Adam first moved into his workshop back in 2010 he was supported by the network of fellow makers,” says Lucy. “As the business has grown so has the need for space and he has gradually expanded his workshop there.”

handmade furniture
A new look at the ‘Cuba’ bed in the Beeline range (Credit: Haley Kigbo, Haske)

Ultimately, Adam and Lucy would love to include a showroom in their space at Worco, following the success of their popup shop with fellow makers back in April this year. “We loved the experience of opening a retail store,” says Lucy, who was sad to close the doors, but grateful to now be able to focus on product development, filling online orders and the needs of their two children. “I still believe that furniture is such a tactile thing and a big investment – you need that bricks and mortar presence for people to be able to experience your products,” says Lucy. Watch this space!

Find out more about Beeline Design here or see them and other makers on our @hbcreativecollection Instagram feed.

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