5 unexpected ways to use patterned tiles

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Patterned tiles are something that aren’t used as often as they could be. While they sometimes get a bad rap for dating quickly or looking over the top, when applied correctly and in a timeless colour palette, you will soon discover that patterned tiles can be a gorgeous design feature throughout the home, not just in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Barbara Schmidt is a New York-based interior designer with work that has appeared in Elle Décor, Architectural Digest and more. These are her top five tips for using patterned tiles in unexpected ways in your home.

1. Staircase riser

“Usually the risers on a light colored stair get beat up with dark marks and scratches from shoes. Using a tile on the riser creates visual interest and helps with durability. Tile is water resistant as well so muddy marks can be wiped off.”

tiled staircase risers
(Credit: Supplied: Barbara Schmidt)

2. Porch floor

“A wonderfully weather resistant option for porch and entryway floors is a patterned tile on the floor. The pattern hides dirt and tracking and is easy to clean.”

patterned tiles on porch floor
(Credit: Supplied: Barbara Schmidt)

3. Furniture or Island

“Adding an inset of tile on a kitchen island gives a contemporary design a pop of color and design interest. This is also an artistic way to keep the back of the island (a high traffic area) in good shape.”

tiled kitchen bench
(Credit: Supplied: Barbara Schmidt)

4. Entryway wall

“Using patterned tile on an entryway wall zones the functional entryway area and sets it apart from the rest of the room. This wall treatment allows for a furniture piece to be anchored as well.”

tiled entry way
(Credit: Supplied: Barbara Schmidt)

5. Fireplace surround

“Tiles can perfectly frame a fireplace visually and functionally. Certain tiles are heat resistant and can keep the surrounding wall cool to the touch, making it a practical yet stylish statement.”

tiled fireplace surround
(Credit: Getty)

This story originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

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