People are upcycling vintage globes into pendant lights, and you’ll love them

Taking the ‘world’ by storm
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Everyone loves an antique globe. Even long after the featured maps are outdated, they continue to serve as home eclectic decor, gracing our sideboards and coffee tables for years to come. Often used as a table lamp, the latest decorating trend to hit the internet is seeing people raising world globes up to become pendant lights and we’re loving the results!

If you don’t already have one languishing in your home office begging for a revamp, you can usually pick up a vintage globe at your local charity store or op shop. Even easier, a quick search online via Ebay, Etsy , National Geographic store or more locally Curious Planet should net you one too.

Most globes already have holes in them from their original wooden base or stand but if not, depending on how much light you’re after, all that’s needed to create a stylish vintage pendant light is a pair of carefully cut holes in the top and bottom of your globe a pendant light cord kit (Tip: use this as a guide for how big to make your top hole).

Here’s a helpful how-to video from the DIY divas at Coral: 

Add your own fun details such as a vintage-style filament globe or coloured light bulb – perfect for a kids’ room. Best choice however is an LED bulb as they’re less likely to heat up inside the globe over time.

Group a few together or hang a single globe in your home office to maximise desk space.


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