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How to paint terracotta pots

Style-savvy homewares queen Tara Dennis reveals how to turn plain pots into pretty planters
garden pots
Group lots of pots together to make the mish-mash pots look purposeful.
Chris Warnes

Giving your outdoor arrangements some extra flair is easy – all you need is a little inspiration. Here, we show you how to paint terracotta pots in a fun and easy DIY project that can be completed in an afternoon.

Interior designer and homewares store owner Tara Dennis knows her way around a DIY project and this clever hack to turn your tired terracotta pots into pristine planters may be the lift your outdoor area needs. The beauty of this project is that your pots don’t even need to match one another – scour Gumtree or Marketplace to pull together groups of three old pots – even roadside finds will benefit from the unifying effect of paint and hide any differences.

White painted terracotta pots in all shapes and sizes. (Credit: Chris Warnes)

1. White painted pots

You will need:

  • Mismatched unglazed pots (avoid glossy finishes – old terracotta or concrete pots are ideal)
  • Exterior paint (we used Dulux Weathershield Vivid White)
  • Paintbrush


  1. Prepare pots by brushing them down using a nylon brush, removing any dirt. Ensure they are dry before painting.
  2. Paint terracotta pots with exterior paint that can withstand outdoor conditions. You can also choose to paint the insides of the pots with an appropriate sealer to make the finish last longer.
  3. Group together pots of various heights to create an interesting arrangement.
Monochrome striped pots make a striking display when grouped together. (Credit: Chris Warnes)

2. Striped pots

You will need:

  • Painter’s tape
  • Exterior paint in black
  • Paintbrush
  • Unglazed pots
(Credit: Chris Warnes)


  1. Apply two lengths of painter’s tape around pots to create a wide band.
  2. Paint terracotta pots within the tape and allow it to dry. Remove the tape before potting up with your favourite plants.
How to paint terracotta pots
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

Try these to get the look:

White stone look outdoor plant pot


Garden Sense round pot in White Stone, Big W


Cut to the chase and get a lightweight, stone-look large planter off the rack.


Bamboo dustpan and brush set, Target


Affordable, handy and good-looking. At this price, why not grab one for your laundry, kitchen and outdoors for a matching set?


Large paint brush set, Spotlight


With six brushes in three different sizes, let your creative juices flow from your DIY journey into pot painting fun!

Dulux black exterior paint


Dulux 1L Weathershield Gloss Black exterior paint, Bunnings


Simple to apply, weatherproof and long-lasting, tackle any outdoor project with this mould-resistant black paint. The gloss finish helps to repel dirt.

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