We ordered five faux fiddle leaf fig trees online & these are our top picks

Not all are created equal.
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Fiddle leaf figs are our favourite fecund friends. We’re in love with indoor plants here at HB and are rejoicing in the vigorous comeback they’re making in our interior decorating. But not all of us are able to see them flourish as they should in our home. If you’ve tried your best to rescue yours to no avail, what to do if your black thumb persists?

Gladly they’re are lots of great quality faux plants in stores and online where you can literally take your pick of the bunch. Interiors stores everywhere are including faux versions of the fiddle leaf in their line up, in all shapes and sizes – and some of them look as good as the real thing!

fiddle leaf fig
(Credit: Chris Warnes)


Five of the best faux fiddle leaf fig trees | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Freedom)

1. Rogue fiddle leaf tree, $219, Freedom
Looking to create your own tropical oasis? Now you can, thanks to this fiddle leaf tree. With leaves that can be arranged alternatively for botanical accuracy, this tree will enliven any corner of the house. 


fiddle leaf fig in pot

2. Fiddle tree in pot, $161.46 (usually $189.95), Zanui

Accenting your space with hues of green never looked so good. This fiddle tree is available in a variety of dimensions to add a stylish finishing touch to any interior aesthetic. 


Rogue giant fiddle leaf fig
If you’re looking to take your indoor greenery to new heights, this faux fiddle tree affords you the same beauty of a natural plant without extensive maintenance. 

Tip: spend a little time with your fiddle leaf to arrange the leaves – most have a central wired structure running along the leaves that you can form a ‘scooped’ shape with for a more natural appearance.

Zanui giant faux fiddle leaf fig tree in pot
No matter where you place it, this faux fiddle tree is guaranteed to make a statement and brighten up any space. 
faux fiddle leaf fig

5. Giant fiddle leaf tree, $1,899, Artificial Plant Shop

With a natural timber trunk and the texture (and height) of a real fiddle tree, this leafy décor piece brings the outdoors in. 


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