We share HB’s creative makers and their tips for turning their passion into a business

Take a peek into their creative world and how they are living their dream

We chat to Green Cathedral, Zillpa and Jo Wood to uncover their stories and gorgeous handmade products.

Green Cathedral

Sal and Tim’s top 3 tips for kick starting a creative career

1. “Don’t give up! If you have a passion and want to turn what you love doing into a career you’ve really got to persevere,” says Sal. “Because you’re likely to encounter hurdles along the way, the best way to keep motivated is to develop your strengths, stick to your true aesthetic and surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you.”

2. “Set yourself a clear vision of what you want to achieve, whether it is to have five stockists or to open your own store and set specific goals which act as stepping stones to get where you want to be,” suggests Tim. “There really is nothing like hard work so keep in mind you only get out what you put in and celebrate the small wins. It helps keep you motivated

3. “We’ve found the number one tool in getting out designs ‘out there’ has been Instagram,” reveals Sal. “It’s a wonderful way to share new products, connect with people and get feedback, and we’ve found it enables our followers to be involved with the design proces


Clare’s top tips for crafting a creative business

1. “Take the time to research the best materials. Then,   find out where to buy them in bulk and develop good relationships with the suppliers – you never know when you might need their help at the 11th hour!”

2. “Acknowledge your weaknesses – for me, it’s bookkeeping! Either devote time to learning new skills or employ a good team of professionals who can look after the less creative aspects of your business, such as marketing and accounting.”

3. “Have a clear vision of where you want your business to go. How will you distribute your products? Do you want to have a boutique, establish an online store or branch into wholesale? This will help you pave the direction you want to take.”

Jo’s top tips for running a creative business

1. “If you don’t have photographic skills yourself, get a professional to photograph your pieces as galleries and the industry will take your work more seriously,” Jo advises.

2.“Join an organisation that represents your art or craft,” she says. “It’s valuable for networking, learning and support.”

3.“Your most expensive pieces may sell slowly so always have some smaller, more affordable pieces available to buy.”

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