These are the worst rated products at Kmart

According to the product experts

If you’re on a tight budget, then Kmart is something of an affordable wonderland. Pretty homewares will cost you less than a tenner and kitchen appliances will leave you with change from a hundred. However, it can be hard to tell which products are bargain finds, and which products are downright fails.

Lucky for us, consumer watchdog and retail review organisation, Choice has done the hard work for us and identified some of Kmart’s worst-rated, worst-performing products.

1. Hard case luggage


If you think you can trust Kmart’s luggage selection for your next holiday away, think again. The Kmart 70cm hard case was found to sustain significant damage with very little impact, completely failing to live up to its sole purpose.

2. Trampolines


Anyone who has purchased a trampoline from Kmart should expect happy jumpers to return home with an injury or two. The $189 trampoline failed four major safety tests and didn’t offer the bounce one would expect from a trampoline.   

3. Oil heater


The biggest Kmart product failure is brought to us by way of the $55 Anko heater. This non-functional eye-sore took an hour to raise the temperature in a test room by just 5 degrees, and never managed to hit a 10 degree temperature increase.

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