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How to child-proof your home

Must-know tips for a safer home

Part of living in a contemporary home comes from the ability to streamline both the way you see things and the way you do things. Home automation once thought of as a space-aged luxury is now an accessible and affordable solution that can be a large part of making this a reality.

We design and build homes with windows and doors that make the most of the views and to allow light and air to flow through the home for efficient heating and cooling. Applying window coverings to help control the effect of external elements contributes to an efficient household and it makes sense to be able to automate your window coverings to make the most of both your outlook and your overall household budget.


With children in the home, motorised window coverings can play an important role in the efficient operation of heating and cooling, without the clutter of a tangle of cords and chains.


Childproofing your home is more than blocking stairwells and locking up poisonous cleaning products. Hazards present themselves all through the home in places hitherto unexpected. Apart from looking untidy, cords, rods and chains that homeowners are used to can present a hazard to small hands getting tangled in them, or worse.


Somfy motors allow easy operation of your window coverings, out of reach of children but within your own reach – even with large or high-up windows. With the Somfy myLink app you can access operations from any of your mobile devices so adjusting your blinds is literally never out of reach – even remotely. You may be driving home with a sleeping child and want to darken the room, or to wake a child with gradual raising of blinds to a preset time and level as you hang the washing in the backyard, rather than with the hustle and bustle of cords and rods – all can be done from your hand-held device.


The smooth operation of Somfy motors means all of your blinds can be adjusted quickly and easily with the touch of a button by remote control, or using the Somfy myLink app, leaving your hands free for other things. The ‘Situo’ remote control can operate a single blind or up to 5 window coverings and can be programmed to operate them simultaneously and to your preferred settings.


Childproofing your home comes from an aspect of convenience as much as safety – running a household day to day includes making the most of your home comforts. Automation is available for all kinds of traditional interior window coverings – roller, Venetian and Roman blinds can all be automated to move up and down, filter sun, offer privacy, lighten or darken a room with the touch of a button, or to a preset preferred position. All without a cord in sight… or reach.


During October, November and December, Somfy Expert Retailers will be offering a FREE Somfy myLink device to eligible customers when they purchase four or more Somfy RTS motors.

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