6 Kitchen appliance trends that will make life easier and meals tastier

A Michelin star recipe for food and style success
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Say goodbye to cream puff trends that are gone faster than a plate of cookies at a kid’s birthday party. The new kitchen appliance trends are keepers. Developed to make your everyday life at home easier and your meals tastier, these sleek designs, intuitive features and restaurant-quality functions do just that and a whole lot more.

Here’s our smokin’ hot kitchen appliance trends list…

1. Designer appliances

Design is important – especially if you are renovating your kitchen, upgrading your appliances or building anew. You want a beautiful kitchen that won’t date, works with your lifestyle needs and is highly functional, but also looks stylish. The solution? Premium design appliances with intuitive features that fit seamlessly into the design of the kitchen. The new trend in black glass cooking appliance ticks all the boxes. The sleek black surfaces give appliances a contemporary feel, and work with just about any kitchen style – country, urban, industrial, modern, beachy…  And, intuitive cooking features remove the guesswork from your cooking (see below) ensuring your roasts are succulent, your soufflé is light and fluffy and your cherry pie’s ripe for the picking.

2. Intuitive features

Cooking is a piece of cake for some, but for others, it’s a sticky game of guesswork – times three meals a day. And, a few burnt potatoes, deflated sponges and charcoal chickens can not only dampen your scones, err, cooking experience, but will prevent you from trying new recipes and expanding your culinary horizons. Cue, kids sighing because mum and dad have served up the same meal for the hundredth time. No one wants that!

Enter appliances with intuitive features. This intelligent new technology from Bosch automatically sets the ideal cooking settings for each dish. Simply choose the desired dish in the control panel and leave the rest to your oven. It will automatically select the ideal heating mode, temperature and preparation time for you.

Bosch series 8 smart kitchen appliances oven
Bosch Series 8 black glass range of cooking appliances feature super easy-to-use intuitive technology.

3. Smart sensors

Those intuitive functions get better…. These smart ovens have integrated roasting and baking sensors. This means the oven can constantly check the doneness of the food for you, to make sure it’s cooked to the desired degree. And, if necessary, it will automatically adjust the settings for an optimal outcome. A la carte! For you, the home chef, this means you’ll be dishing up perfect pork crackling roasts, bouncy sponge cakes and creamy vegetable bakes cooked to perfection – at the touch of a button. Smart!

4. Easy to use

Advanced cooking functions are great, but not if they are too hard to use. That’s why simple and intuitive controls are key to making cooking easier than ever.

For example, the new Series 8 black glass range of cooking appliances, which includes a built-in pyrolytic oven with added steam, gas cooktop, compact microwave oven and a warming drawer, feature super easy-to-use intuitive technology. Take the oven control panel. The touchscreen menu features food images and helpful prompts to guide you through each step, giving you total flexibility and control of cooking functions. You just set and forget – until it’s ready! The oven does all the (intuitive) work for you. Easy as pie.

5. Let off steam

Okay, added steam functions on ovens are not a new trend, but ovens with steam functions that are easy to use and enhance your cooking results – so if you are upgrading your appliances, invest in the best.  How do they work? Some added steam functions enhance your cooking results by adding a little bit of moisture from time to time. So whether you’re reheating dishes, proving dough, baking or roasting, you can set the oven to automatically add bursts of steam, or you can add steam manually to regulate the intensity. The result? Succulent roasts, crispy brown bread that’s light and fluffy on the inside and melt-in-your-mouth fish. Bellisimo!   

6. Flame control

Anyone who’s ever owned a conventional cooktop will know the pain of getting the temperature (or your white sauce, melted chocolate or scrambled eggs) just right. The new premium FlameSelect gas cooktops from Bosch, however, are flaming fabulous. These allow you to precisely control the flame size from levels 9 to 1, so you can achieve perfectly consistent results each and every time. You can melt chocolate to liquid perfection on level 1, warm milk on level 2, make scrambled eggs on level 4 or fry a succulent steak on level 9. This trend has all the benefits of gas cooking, combined with the precision of an electric cooktop with perfectly consistent results each and every time.

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