5 reasons why you should invest in a wine fridge

A wine fridge is more than an accessory - it's essential to keep your collection perfectly preserved.
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As any true wine connoisseur knows, there are a few important elements to consider as your beloved collection grows – storage being the standout. While home entertainers don’t want to be trekking up and down stairs between bottles, wine requires a cool, dark and slightly humid atmosphere to be kept at its best. Sound high maintenance? Here are five reasons why it’s time to invest in a wine fridge.

A drop of red adds warmth and sophistication to any gathering. (Photography: Sue Stubbs)

1. Taste and longevity

Whether you are an aficionado or a casual drinker on a budget, wine is temperamental and will go bad in the wrong environment, but finding prime wine-storage real estate in your own home is a challenge in its self. Anywhere too hot will spoil the taste but even if your home is cool, temperature fluctuation affects the flavour just as much. By providing optimal and consistent temperatures, a wine cooler keeps your vino tasting good and lasting longer.

A wine cellar with navy patterned wallpaper and mirrored shelving.
The wine cellar in this refreshed Queenslander is a special place to visit with its floor-to-ceiling wine racks, Vintec wine fridges, honed granite benchtop and walls papered with Stroheim ‘Cathay Pastora’ in Indigo. (Photography: Tim Salisbury / Styling: Jackie Brown)

2. Aesthetics

Looks might not be everything, but they definitely count for something and a sleek, shiny and stocked up wine fridge in your entertaining area is sure to impress.

Pete & Courtney House Rules kitchen reveal
This dark and moody kitchen had an incredible transformation, complete with a wine fridge. (Photography: Anna Robinson)

3. Easy access

A good host is always well prepared, whether or not your guests are actually expected. A dual-zone wine fridge means you’ve always got perfectly chilled whites and ageing reds at the ready. You also have the flexibility to keep them wherever is most convenient by choosing exactly where to sit the fridge – whether it’s near the kitchen, in the dining room or elsewhere.

Zoe and Benji Marshall Sydney home dark cabinetry
Inside this stunning kitchen is a Samsung Bespoke French-door fridge with an independent cooling system perfect for chilling wine. (Photography: Chris Warnes / Styling: Corina Koch)

4. Humidity

While your hair might not enjoy humidity, your wine does. Or at least, the cork certainly does. Have you ever gone to open a bottle of red wine only for the cork to crumble or break? This is most often the result of a dehydrated cork, which is difficult to remove and prone to causing oxidation and ruining your wine. A mild and consistent level of moisture in the air is essential for storing and ageing corked wine – but it’s not easily achieved. A humidity-controlled wine fridge does all the hard work for you.

This stylish entertainer’s kitchen is fully equipped with a wine fridge neatly concealed beneath the island. (Photography: Brigid Arnott)

5. Clearing space

While you will need to find the perfect place for your wine fridge, it means you have a designated storage system for all your bottles, clearing up space in your pantry, bar or garage. Big collector? No need to fret, there are models on the market with a capacity to store 150 bottles and beyond – but in contrast, there’s also conveniently sized 18 bottle fridges that can fit neatly under a bench or shelf.

Zoe and Benji Marshall Sydney home wine storage
A ‘Surrey’ canvas art print from Urban Road sits above a wine cabinet in this stylish home. (Photography: Chris Warnes / Styling: Corina Koch)

Shop the best wine fridges and coolers


Liebherr Upright Freezer with Wine Cellar

$7246 , Appliances Online

Best for: Convenient storage

Having a well-stocked fridge is key to entertaining, and the Liebherr Upright Freezer and Wine Cellar ensures no space is wasted. The all-in-one fridge features a wine zone outfitted with wooden shelves to keep wine at the perfect temperature, while below, a freezer has plenty of space for food storage along with an automatic ice maker. All that’s left to do is open your favourite bottle!

Size: 327L capacity

Colour: Stainless steel

Key features:

  • Automatic ice maker
  • 5-star energy rating
  • 48-bottle wine capacity


Vintec 170 Bottle Wine Storage Cabinet

$4054 , Appliances Online

Best for: reason Function and style

Wine aficionados will appreciate the functional and stylish design of this elegant Vintec Storage Cabinet. Equipped with anti-UV and double-glazed glass, a thermal recycling pump, and flexible cooling options, preserving your wine collection is easier than ever.

Size: 170 bottle capacity

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • Crystal white LED lights
  • Humidity control
  • Adjustable wooden shelves


Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Reversible Built-In Wine Cooler

$4990, Designer Appliances

Best for: A minimalist aesthetic

Incorporating classic Italian style with modern technology, the Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Wine Cabinet seamlessly melds into the kitchen. Its sleek design, complemented by soft close hinges and luxe detailing, offers a stylish solution without sacrificing functionality. With precise temperature and humidity controls, your wine collection is always perfectly preserved.

Size: Fits up to 99 bottles

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • Ergonomic structure
  • Touch control
  • LED display


Lecavist 24 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge

$514 , Appliances Online

Best for: Budget-friendly preservation

If you’re not looking to commit to a full-size wine fridge, the Lecavist Dual Zone Wine Fridge is a budget-friendly and versatile option, offering thermoelectric cooling, simple temperature controls, and natural wooden shelves to store bottles for up to 12 months.

Size: 24-bottle capacity

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • Triple layer glass door
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Internal LED lighting


Devanti 154 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

$2249 , Temple & Webster

Best for: Flexible temperature control

Whether you enjoy a chilled white or a rich red, the Devanti Wine Cooler offers optimal temperature control with a circulating cooling fan, UV-resistant glass for light protection, and separate zones that can be set between 5 and 18 degrees.

Size: 154 bottle capacity

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • UV-resistant glass door
  • Circulating cooling fan
  • Digital control panel


Liebherr GrandCru Single Zone Storage Cabinet

$7704 , Appliances Online

Best for: Long-term wine storage

Looking to expand your wine collection? The Liebherr GrandCru Storage Cabinet has everything needed for stability, including an activated charcoal filter for improved air quality, a warning signal for temperature changes, a child-proof lock, and an easy-to-use control panel. With room for over 300 bottles, your collection will be safe and secure.

Size: 312 bottles capacity

Colour: Brown

Key features:

  • Activated charcoal filter
  • Temperature alarm
  • MagicEye control system


Vintec 50 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Storage Cabinet

$2243, Appliances Online

Best for: Curated cellaring

Whether you’re looking to preserve or serve, the dual zones in this Vintec Storage Cabinet cater to both needs. With an external compressor to minimise vibration, triple-glazed glass, a thermal recycling pump, and anti-UV glass, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy red, white, and sparkling varieties.

Size: 50-bottle capacity

Colour: Black

Key features:

  • Reversible door
  • Two separate zones
  • Digital temperature display

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