This amazing gadget allows you to grow a vegie patch indoors

The 'Rotofarm' is a futuristic countertop hydroponic garden

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Love the idea of growing your own fresh herbs and vegies but struggling to find the space? A new hydroponic indoor ‘farm’ that sits on your kitchen bench and provides greens all year round could be the answer.

The Rotofarm by Bace, is an indoor garden where plants and vegetables are grown by rotating around an artificial sun, perfect if you want to grow fresh fruit and veg inside your home.


Rotofarm combines the power of NASA-inspired zero-gravity technology, energy-efficient sunlight spectrum lighting and smart app automation for an easy, efficient and effective growing experience.

Consumers can grow their favourite vegies, herbs and microgreens quickly using minimal space, water and energy. Simply plant pre-seeded pods into plant slots, fill with water and nutrients and monitor and control the process via the Rotofarm App.

(Credit: Rotofarm)

The circular farmbed encompasses a huge 5.2-feet (1.6-meter) growing area with a tiny footprint on your kitchen countertop of only 15-inches (38-cm), so it’s perfect for city dwellers or anyone living in a small space.

Rotofarm is the brainchild of Australian designer Toby Farmer and will be shipped globally. As of March 10, 2020 you can purchase it through Indiegogo. For more information visit

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