5 Stylish Appliances to Complete an Entertainer’s Kitchen

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, you’ll fall in love with these ASKO appliances that make cooking and entertaining a pleasure.

As the Australian population’s demographics have broadened so have our culinary horizons, with extremely satisfying results. Likewise, cooking technology has evolved to allow home cooks to experiment, share and develop the diverse tastes of our nation. If you’re a keen home cook who loves to entertain, you won’t want to miss our rundown on the latest in contemporary, stylish appliances that make any entertainer’s dream kitchen complete.

Fusion Volcano Wok Burner

A kitchen makeover should make it easy to turn quality ingredients into nutritious and satisfying meals. When it comes to doing it quickly, the wok is hard to beat. Asian-influenced dishes create a tantalising blend of aromas, sights and sounds that always draw a crowd.

Aesthetically, the ASKO Volcano Fusion Wok Burner will catch the eye of kitchen fashionistas. The incredibly durable, seamless manufacturing gives a minimalist elegance, while the powerful, targeted flame heats woks of all sizes. The high heat means flavour and juices are sealed in quickly, while multi-functionality allows the burner to safely and efficiently boil, simmer or warm.

Volcano Flame

Duo Fusion Gas + Induction Cooktop

A modern kitchen should include appliances that cater to evolving dietary and health preferences, as well as easing the workload. Induction (magnetic) cooking is catching on faster than kids to the cake-mix, and respected oven manufacturers such as ASKO are meeting the demand with revolutionary appliances such as the Duo Fusion Gas + Induction Cooktop.

Induction cooking is energy-efficient, extremely safe and precise, thanks to ASKO functions that personalise the cooking experience. Using the Volcano Fusion Wok Burner and induction cooking systems in tandem, home cooks can cater to everyone’s needs instead of having to stagger mealtimes with a procession of hungry diners waiting for their turn.

Bridge Induction

Entertainer’s kitchens don’t have to be huge, just well designed. ASKO has developed the innovative Bridge Induction, where cooktop sectors can be joined or separated as required to create a tailored cooking surface. Bridge Induction provides targeted heat only to the induction cooking pot or vessel, while the rest of the cooktop remains cool to touch.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Social functions are only fun if you get to socialise, and cooks can sometimes miss out on the action. ASKO’s range of stylish dishwashers and progressive self-cleaning ovens can help cooks to wipe their hands of clean-up duty and join the party.

Innovations include pyrolytic ovens that clean using pyrolysis (extreme heat) up to 500°C, reduce grime, grease and food residues to a fine ash that is simply swept away. Revolutionary Aqua-clean and steam cleaning systems are also worth consideration. Finish with a wipe over with a soft, damp cloth to complete a thorough oven clean and leave it ready for your next masterpiece.  

Cooking with Steam

Form and function are equally important. Cooking procedures and timelines only sync when appliances are compatible. ASKO wall ovens, combi-ovens, steam ovens and steam-assist ovens work together help you produce your best results.

ASKO ovens are packed with dozens of additional user-friendly features. Stylish appliances that work in harmony, and with the addition of steam, bring restaurant quality breads, bakes and roasts into the home environment.

It’s true that modern life is time-poor, but the ASKO range makes entertaining easy with menu suggestions, user-friendly cook settings, favourite recipe storing and even the clean up so you can enjoy your precious time in, and out, of the kitchen.

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