5 reasons hybrid flooring is so hot right now

The feel-good finish for your floors.

If we think of the walls in our home as a backdrop, then the floor can be considered a stage and being such a fundamental foundation, it should be one of the first elements you choose when building your interior scheme.

We’ve done our fair share of research on the best surface selections for underfoot, but one type crops up more than most: hybrid flooring. It has the visual appeal of vinyl with the wearability and strength of laminate, sans cost or tiresome upkeep. The result is a stylish, durable, and water-resistant finish that’s presented in an array of striking designs and colours. To inspire you, below we break down the chic surface in five features.

1. Colour cues

Golden hues of spotted gum, rustic blackbutt, or Scandi-inspired pale oak? Whatever you favour, hybrid flooring comes in a range of colours to suit any interior style. The composition uses advanced technology to replicate the grains and palette of traditional timber, without the risk of scratches or stains.

Featuring natural materials underfoot brings a sense of the great outdoors into your home, as timber evokes visual warmth and tactility. Biophilic design, or nature-inspired elements like hybrid flooring, can create a calm environment, reducing stress, boosting mood, and enhancing clarity.

A bold colour palette of teal, blue and rich red is complemented by the warm hues of ‘Abode Coastal’ hybrid flooring in colour ‘Byron Bay Spotted Gum’.

(Credit: Image: Choices Flooring)

2. Form and function

The practical points of hybrid flooring are plentiful. There’s a long list of green ticks, as the hard-working material is asthma-friendly, scratch-resistant, and can withstand extreme or fluctuating temperatures. Choices Flooring’s rigid/hybrid range is a great option for family homes, as it’s both durable and budget friendly. “Hybrid flooring is easy to clean and maintain, so perfect for busy households where foot traffic is heavy,” adds Ingrid Powell of Choices Flooring.

3. Splash-proof planks

Once you’ve installed new floorboards, an overflowing sink, accidental spill, or spray from your shower is almost unavoidable. But hybrid flooring has outstanding water-resistant qualities, meaning it can be fitted in wet zones such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries without worry. Seamless flooring allows you to keep a consistent and cohesive scheme throughout your home.

4. Creature of comfort

Imagine walking barefoot through your home on smooth, soundless planks. Hybrid flooring is created with an acoustic layer that inspires comfort underfoot and softens sound, lending it a luxurious feeling. As it’s a floating floor, it can also be built in directly over an existing surface — reducing the time and cost of installation and making it an affordable alternative to real timber.

The matching pale flooring, island bench and joinery of this Fitzroy apartment create a timeless neutral scheme.

(Credit: Photography: Gavin Green)

5. Design-forward floors

The cutting-edge material can effortlessly blend into any scheme. As Choices Flooring’s Ingrid Powell says: “Hybrid flooring is adaptable for any interior style. For a coastal or beach house theme, whitewashed planks look wonderful. Or for a more rustic, country look, there is a selection of darker, more detailed plank designs with accentuating grains and knots.”

To envision hybrid flooring in your own home, try Choices Flooring RoomView visualiser, a free tool which allows you to view different flooring options in your home in a simple photo upload. All you need is photos of the rooms you intend to decorate, and then you can filter flooring by colour, design, and style.

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