3 top tips to fall in love with your kitchen

How to create a dream cooking experience at home
Mutti Parma

We talk to world-renowned Italian chef Silvia Colloca about her love of cooking, her favourite things to do at home and the best ways to enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Silvia shares her recipe for gnocchi with us too!


What’s the best way to embrace home cooking?

Keep it simple! I think that a lot of people who profess they can’t cook or don’t have time for it, are over thinking it. Elaborate meal preparation should only be reserved for special occasions, and even then, I always tend to turn to simple recipes that easily please a crowd. I can’t tell you how often I feed my family a simple plate of spaghettii pomodoro. It comes together in 15 minutes and is so much better and healthier than any take away food. And cheaper too!

3 top tips to fall in love with your kitchen | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Mutti Parma)

Your top 3 tips to fall in love with your kitchen?

1. Try to keep the clutter away. Unused utensils or appliances belong in cupboards. A clean kitchen makes all the difference.

2. Cook! The more you cook, the more interested and confident you’ll become in the kitchen and enjoy cooking for your loved ones. 

3. Don’t see cooking as a chore! I always have the pantry stocked with versatile products that I can whip up a number of quick and easy dishes. My favourite go-to is Mutti Cherry Tomatoes; think easy tomato based pastas, bruschettas and salads.

Your favourite thing to do at home?

Chilling with children! Weekends at my house are made for catching our breath. Nowhere to rush to, no soccer, no hurry. Baking is always something I love doing in my downtime.

The best thing about Italian cuisine?

Italian home cooking is very healthy. I know a lot of food literature seems to love to think that we only eat gallons of pasta and pizza, but the truth is that the average Italian home cook consumes plenty of vegetables, pulses and good carbs, all cooked in olive oil, as well as small amounts of meat, wine and sugar in moderation. These ingredients are the fundamental principles of the Mediterranean diet, which is at the core of Italian cuisine.


Try Silvia’s delicious recipe for Baked Gnocchi Sorrentina.

3 top tips to fall in love with your kitchen | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Mutti Parma)

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