Kitchen trends that withstand the test of time

From Classic to Linear to Victoria, let Smeg's kitchen collections inspire your renovation

As the hub of the home, it’s vital to consider the design of your kitchen and how to make the most of your space, including thinking about the type of appliances you want. 

With the majority of kitchen renovations occurring between 11 and 20 years of home ownership as reported by the Housing Industry of Australia, choosing a style that reflects current trends while also embodying a timeless appeal is imperative. Choose furnishings you love that match the theme of your home for long lasting appeal.

Italian home appliance manufacturer, Smeg believes that you should be able to express your own style and personality through every piece of furniture and that appliances should be enjoyed, like a work of art, on a daily basis. Smeg’s beautiful designs exude ‘Made-in-Italy’-excellence that ages with elegance and grace, never looking out of date.

Smeg’s stunning range of freestanding and built-in ovens are all manufactured in state-of-the-art factories in Northern Italy. Each collection offers various stylish designs that enhance the look and value of your kitchen and are a source of inspiration and pleasure for years to come.


Guido Canali’s modernist architectural principles are at the heart of the Classic Collection. The collection’s beautiful and chic design has endured for over thirty years and features a strict form, simple and essential structure, and its signature ergonomic control knobs and handles. Similar to architecture, Smeg approached this collection with the idea that kitchen appliances are for life which is visible in its elegant design.


The Linear Collection was conceived to complement a minimalist kitchen design. Featuring subtle, pared-back styling with stunning sleek lines, the design maximises all available space. Light, uniformity, balance and ergonomics are essential elements and the Stopsol® reflective glass offers a luminescent brilliance.


Fashioned to match freestanding cookers from the popular Victoria range, the new Victoria built-in appliances pay homage to Smeg’s 1956 world-first programmable freestanding cooker, the Elisabeth. The line’s nostalgic style has been fashioned with contemporary form and is equally suited to a country home as to a New-York style warehouse.

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