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It cost less than $55!

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The cupboard under the bathroom sink is an area that is often neglected, and is usually a messy and disorganised spot with lotions and potions jostling for space.

However, with the help of a few containers from Kmart and a little organising, one savvy organisational enthusiast gave her cupboard a fab mini makeover.

“My under-sink storage was mayhem,” admits Kristelle from Tilly & Us. “I had products from years ago that I either never used or forgot about. Nothing had a home, everything was thrown in. The items we would use daily would just end up on the bench around the basin.”

“Once I pulled everything out and culled a lot of the products I don’t use, I worked out a plan and how I wanted to store them,” Kristelle says. “I then purchased the storage items from Kmart and popped everything in and labelled to give it a home. It didn’t take much time.”

Kristelle used her own labels, available through Tilly & Us, for the makeover.

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All of the storage items used are available at Kmart. Everything cost less than $10 per item and the whole makeover was completed for under $55.

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And does Kristelle have any organisational tips she can offer the rest of us?

“My advice is invest in storage, it truly makes life easier,” she says.

“Kmart and IKEA offer affordable storage solutions for everyone. Start small. You don’t have to organise your whole house in one day. Do one area at a time. I created The Organised Rental to try inspire and motivate others to live a clutter-free life.”

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