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Chef’s tip: A safe & spotless kitchen

The simple trick that means your kitchen won't be dripping in freshly blitzed soup. Plus, it may prevent serious burns, too.
Cath Muscat

With the cooler months of the year comes the desire to whip up winter-warming homemade soups. Of course. But once you’ve been followed your favourite recipe to a tee and reached the point of pureeing your soup, it might be tempting to fill your blender to the brim with ladlefuls of soup and crank the dial to high speed.

For your own sanity and safety, when whizzing soup in a blender, chef Martin Boetz of Cooks Co-op sensibly suggests that you should add small batches to the blender and “start it on the lowest possible setting that you can”. This will ensure you avoid splattering hot soup across your kitchen surfaces and dodge potential burns to your skin. Further to this, you can hold the lid firmly in place on top, using a tea towel between your hand and lid, if you wish. Steadily increase the speed of the blender once the liquid is flowing smoothly inside the vessel, depending on how fluid you like your soup to be.

Carefully pour the blitzed, piping hot liquid into a pot or other vessel after each batch is ready to go, and repeat this method with small batches until you’ve blended all of your soup.

Simple. Safe. And a spotless kitchen.

Now, what soup to make? Here’s one we know you’ll love. Recipe: Roasted carrot, pumpkin, ginger and honey soup

Featured blender: Vitamix Ascent Series High-Performance Blender

Vitamix Ascent Series High-Performance Blender (Credit: Supplied: Harvey Norman)

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