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3 things you didn’t know about the future of kitchens

We talk to an expert
Fisher & Paykel

Want to know what we can look forward to in our kitchen appliance design and functionality? Simone Stephens, senior industrial designer for Fisher & Paykel, fresh from the biennial Eurocucina kitchen design fair in Milan, talks tomorrow’s kitchens.

The future of kitchens
(Credit: Clare Cousins Architects)

1. Integration

“Integrated design is already big and is getting even bigger,” says Simone. “This means that appliances will no longer be designed in isolation – they’ll be created to fit the existing or new space. It’s all about getting a really good fit, making sure there are no gaps.”

The future of kitchens
(Credit: Fisher & Paykel)

2. Flexibility

“There’s an increased desire for flexible, modular kitchens that grow with us, rather than ones that we outgrow,” says Simone. “Think dish drawers that can either sit side by side or stacked on top of each other, or our new integrated rangehoods and ovens that allow you to mix and match.”

The future of kitchens
(Credit: Fisher & Paykel)

3. Silence

“We’re seeing big demand for quiet functionality: kitchens that work hard but do it quietly behind the scenes,” Simone advises. “This doesn’t just mean making appliances quieter, but incorporating visual elements, like lights, to tell us when an appliance is on or finished.”


What does your kitchen of the future look like?

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