Luxury Kitchen Ideas

Tips for designing an entertainer’s kitchen

If you’re ready to renovate, here are a few handy hints and tricks you need to know

When planning your kitchen renovation, consider how you will be using the space. If you’re a keen entertainer who loves to throw dinner parties then think about how you will access one of the most important appliances: the fridge. 



Here’s what you need to know:

  • The sink, fridge and stove should form a triangle, as this will allow you to move quickly between them.
  • Place your fridge at the end of your kitchen, not in the middle to allow for ease of access.
  • Choose a large fridge with movable interiors so you can customise the internal space.
  • Look at fridges with a Door-in-DoorR design so you can pop items in that you need to grab quickly such as a bottle of wine or nibblies.
  • Impeccable finishes are key to creating a timeless, modern look and feel so consider an Anti-fingerprint Brushed 

LG’s French Door category is a slice of fridge luxury. Designed to make life just that little bit easier, the models have savvy storage solutions including retractable and adjustable shelves, an indoor ice maker to save shelf space and a Door-in-DoorR design so you can quickly grab beverages and snacks while entertaining.





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