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Kitchen makeover in minutes

Recharge your kitchen in a weekend with this simple swap
Nikole Ramsay

Transforming a kitchen doesn’t always mean a full refit with new tiles, plumbing, cabinetry and layout. Whether you’re renting or simply on a budget a full renovation is not always possible so consider a simple makeover with a swap of dated tapware to bring it bang up to date.

“It should be a straight forward changeover,” says John Voltz of Reece at Lewisham. Older properties often have tapware that appears fixed forever but with careful measuring and inspection you can usually do a direct swap, like-for-like. Be sure to inspect what you’re dealing with first though, says John “older style taps have a jumper valve, whereas newer models turn on a ceramic disc.”

Kitchen makeover in minutes | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Shania Shegedyn)

Sink and basin holes are a universal size so standard for all mixers but if in doubt, ensure your replacement fittings have a flange at the base for a neat finish.

Essentially tapware is standard across the board so a direct swap should be possible and achievable in a couple of hours. Before you buy, dismantle your taps and inspect the inner workings. 

Kitchen makeover in minutes | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Nikole Ramsay)

Tips to ensure a quick and easy facelift:

  1. Just check you are replacing like with like
  2. Inspect spindles inside the tap to ensure thread size is standard
  3. Ask for installation guidelines when purchasing tapware – these should have step-by-step instructions to follow
  4. Check stock levels online or call the store before you start pulling things apart and hit the road
  5. Take photos or remove the tapware and carry it with you to the plumbing supply store to be sure.
Kitchen makeover in minutes
(left) Mizu Drift Gooseneck Sink Mixer Matte Black, $299.99 | (right) Mondella WELS 5 Star Vivace basin mixer in Black, $219, Bunnings

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