7 best French door refrigerators to maximise meal time

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Is it time to upgrade your refrigerator? Look no further than the French door fridge. When it comes to daily living, cooking and consuming tend to take a large piece of the pie. This year, whether you are looking to focus on meal preparation, or maybe just have more mouths to feed, opting for a double-door unit with maximum storage solutions is a guaranteed convenience creator.

Better again, come holiday gatherings and family get-togethers, storing your favourite salads, desserts and beverages in one climate-controlled compartment means that you can keep the decks clear from Eskies and ice-buckets.

With French door refrigerators becoming a common kitchen appliance, the variety of models available to shop is aplenty. All varying in utility and technology capabilities, finding the right option for you can become an arduous task. So, we have rounded up the seven best French door fridges to shop in Australia, each ranging in price and available features.


  1. Slim French Door Fridge in Black GF-B530BL (530l), $1999, LG (here’s why)
  2. Family Hub Smart Refrigerator SRF9300BFH (637l), $4749, Samsung (here’s why)
  3. Westinghouse French Door Fridge in Stainless Steel WHE6000SB (565l), $1999, The Good Guys (here’s why)

Are French door refrigerators worth it?

With double the doors comes double the space – immediately making the French door fridge worth it. There are, however, more benefits to these fridges than the standard fridge counterpart. When it comes to staying organised, the open-access layout of the French door fridge makes food preparation and hosting duties all the more enjoyable. And, as possibly the most lucrative advantage, the French door fridge is energy efficient, meaning they use less energy to maintain temperature consistency throughout the unit.

The best French door fridges in 2024


530L slim French door fridge in black

$1999 at LG

Awarded Choice’s best fridge brand in 2023, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is committed to quality air and temperature control. Fitted with an array of cooling and air movement systems that invite equal air circulation across varied compartments, food connoisseurs will no longer stress about their favourite ingredients or dishes going bad in the fridge ever again.

Key features:

  • Product code: GF-B530BL
  • Dimensions: 835mm x 1787mm
  • 10 year warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Multi Air Flow – ventilation systems directing cold air into the fridge cavity to maintain fresh food
  • LINEAR Cooling – the LG linear compressor maintains temperature consistency
  • Moist Balance Crisper – lattice-patterned box cover promotes equal moisture level to promote crisp fruits and vegetables
  • Smart Diagnosis – technology assisted communications providing usage tips and relevant information

Available at:


Samsung 637L Family hub smart refrigerator

$3999 at The Good Guys

Effortlessly integrating smart technology with state-of-the-art appliance conveniences, the Family Hub Smart Fridge has been faultlessly designed for the modern family. Leveraging traditional refrigerator commitments, Samsung engages wi-fi enabled video cameras alongside Flex Zone and Flex Crisper services to monitor and control the condition of stored food.

Key features:

  • Product code: SRF7900BFH
  • Dimensions: 912mm x 1825mm
  • 20 years digital inverter compressor warranty
  • Free delivery
  • Family Hub – digital service extending access to smartphone features, entertainment, recipe services and more
  • Food AI – view the contents of the fridge via your smartphone or Quick View service
  • Beverage Centre – autofill infuser water jug located inside the fridge door
  • Flex Zone & Flex Crisper – store food at optimal conditions with five pre-set modes

Available at:


565L Westinghouse French door fridge in stainless steel

$1999 at The Good Guys

The perfect food storage solution for the entire family, this Westinghouse French door fridge is designed to account for little messes and sticky fingers. With flexible storage compartments and Spill Safe glass shelving, this fridge adjusts to your ever-changing needs all the while managing the mess. Plus, with FamilySafe technology, locking up lucrative delights and medicines has never been so easy.

Key features:

  • Product code: WHE6000SB
  • Dimensions: 896mm x 1725mm
  • Two year warranty
  • Four star energy rating
  • Dual FlexFresh – designed with dual sealed crisper bins and humidity control
  • FlexSpace – maximise storage, flexibility and your ever-changing needs
  • FlexStor – adjust the height and position of door bins as suited to your needs
  • Fingerprint resistent stainless steel
  • Spillsafe glass shelves – minimise spillage up to one litre of liquid with expertly designed shelving
  • FamilySafe – lockable compartment

Available at:


478L Fisher & Paykel French door refrigerator

$2099 at The Good Guys

With premium handle convenience and stainless steel finishings, Fisher & Paykel refrigerators are designed to compliment the cabinetry and match the rest of the brands sleek appliance range. With the ActiveSmart Foodcare being a total gamer-changer in the kitchen space, you can monitor the temperature, humidity and air flow of your fridge as you like. The built-in AI technology focuses on learning the patterns of your refrigerator, adjusting the air flow as suited to your daily activity. So, if you are wanting to take the guess work out of cooking, then consider your next refrigerator found.

Key features:

  • Product code: RF522ADUX5
  • Dimensions: 790mm x 1715mm
  • ActiveSmart Foodcare – learns patterns of refrigerator use and adjusts temperature, air flow and humidity accordingly
  • EZKleen – anti-fingerprint coating and spill-safe secure glass shelves capture drips and leaks
  • Slimline water dispenser positioned on the exterior of fridge door

Available at:


609L Electrolux French door refrigerator

from $3499 at The Good Guys

Awarded the Good Design Award for domestic appliances, this customisable unit from Electrolux is suited to every lifestyle. With customisable temperature settings varying across the refrigerated zones, you can keep meats and wines at their optimal temperatures while all in the same space. Fitted with adjustable drawers and shelves, customising the fridge to your ever-changing weekly shop is made possible – perfect for the holidays or hosting family events. Not to mention, with smart technology services available, you can monitor the temperature from any room of the house, or even from a different continent.

Key features:

  • Product code: EHE6899SA
  • Dimensions: 913mm x 1782mm
  • Two year warranty
  • FlexFresh fully convertible entertainer’s drawer
  • Mark resistant stainless steel
  • TasteLock crisper – automatically controls humidity levels to keep fruit and vegetable fresh for longer
  • Electrolux Life App – temperature control via smart technology services
  • Snackzone – designed for ultimate convenience

Available at:


605L Bosch series 6 French door refrigerator

$3499 at Bing Lee

The classic refrigerator for day-in-day-out living, the Bosch refrigerator offers quality cooling features, evenly distributing airflow across the vicinity of the unit and maintaining temperature consistency. Also, with climate-controlled extra-extra-large compartments for food preservation, you can store larger goods however you please. Additionally, Bosch has integrated smartphone connectivity, sending temperature control check-ins to your device.

Key features:

  • Product code: KFN96APEAA
  • Dimensions: 905mm x 1830mm
  • Two year warranty
  • 4.5 star energy rating
  • VitaFresh XXL – Climate-controlled compartments to preserve food for longer
  • NoFrost technology
  • MultiAirflow – evenly distributes cool air to maintain fridge temperature
  • Smartphone connectivity – control and monitor your fridge with smartphone convenience

Available at:


609L Hisense French door refrigerator

$1697 (usually $1899) at The Good Guys

Designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding users, the Hisense refrigerator features premium cooling technology and a stylish flat interface for bountiful living. With an array of cooling zones, maintaining the longevity of food and beverages in the singular space offers ultimate kitchen convenience. And, with mark-resistant stainless steel, a clean-appearing fridge is guaranteed no matter the number of hungry hands.

Key features:

  • Product code: HRCD610TS
  • Dimensions: 912mm x 1785mm
  • Three-star energy rating
  • Three-year warranty
  • Mark-resistant stainless steel
  • My Fresh Choice Zone – convert temperatures from -18 degrees to 5 degrees, depending on your preference
  • Triple zone cooling – fridge, freezer and My Choice Zone
  • Inverter technology – modern inverter compressors measure conditions inside your fridge and adjust cooling accordingly
  • Flexible storage – fully adjustable shelves suited to fit your food storage needs

Available at:

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