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A great kitchen effortlessly combines style, space, functionality and, of course, technology.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of integrated, intelligent appliances that change how people use their kitchens. While cooking and cleaning are two things that don’t just magically happen, they’re tasks which are getting easier with self-cleaning ovens, clever induction cooktops, touchscreens, and rangehoods that disappear into the ceiling.

Schweigen’s newly launched kitchen appliance range – Schweigen IN. – is leading the way with clever appliances that inspire the imagination.

The Induction Cooktop in Schott Ceran® glass is ideal for entertaining – you can set a cooking time for each zone of your cooktop meaning nothing will ever overcook again. Forgot to boil the water for pasta? Borrow power from an adjacent cooking zone to achieve a more rapid boil. There are nine power levels so you can gently saute, or sizzle on a high heat. If you need to stop cooking for a minute, the Stop & Go setting will pause the cooktop at a touch until you come back. Best yet, pre-set cooking programs let you adjust the temperature to an accurate heat for melting butter or chocolate, reheating soups and casseroles and cooking pasta or rice. Your pasta will forever be al dente now.

 The kitchen of the future will be about intelligent appliances that work for you, taking the effort out of cooking and cleaning.

(Credit: Schweigen)

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