What’s on display in your kitchen and what it reveals about you

From kooky collectibles to ceiling hung saucepans, what’s on show in your kitchen says a lot about your personality

The kitchen has come full circle and in fact, for many homes, the kitchen has overtaken the living room as the most used room in the house. So it makes sense to want to show a little of your personality off – after all, it is the heart and soul of the home! But how do you inject your flair and inner kitsch – or modernist! – without this hardworking space and social hub of your home becoming a cluttered untenable space? And what, exactly do the items you choose to have on display communicate to others about your inner personality?

Here are three kitchen displays that inject personality, style and flair into your kitchen….

1. Hanging pots and pans

Recycled wooden ladders are environmentally friendly, great for small spaces with limited storage, easily accessible and add a great dash of kitsch to your kitchen. Repurpose an old (and sturdy) ladder and have your cooking tool kit at arms-length and reclaim cupboard space that would ordinarily have housed your pots and pans!

What it says about you: You care about your environment; you love being hands-on in the kitchen with all your essentials on-hand and you’re creatively minded.

De’Longhi La Specialista coffee machine
(Credit: The De’Longhi La Specialista coffee machine – a work of art!)

2. Artwork appliances

Our benchtops need to balance ‘work space’ with our ‘hard working’ appliances. Luckily for us aestheticians, those hardworking appliances are now works of art in their own right!  You can now show some inner personality with a bright red toaster, a Dolce & Gabbana artwork fridge, an orange freestanding cooker, a pastel mix master or a retro toaster. Or, even better, indulge your passion for coffee and kick start your day in style. The sleek Italian designed De’Longhi La Specialista coffee machine is perfect for the passionate coffee drinker to show off their hands-on creativity. You can awake the household with the aroma of freshly ground coffee, deliver the perfect flavour in every cup with your barista level milk froth. Grazie!

What it says about you: Artwork appliances balance function and flair. They give you double the return on investment providing a feature piece and conversation starter that is sleek, sophisticated, eye-catching or quirky cool. You are a true aesthetician! But they also provide a service. While a sleek coffee machine not only looks incredible, it’s an intelligent purchase – cost-effective way to start and end your day, time efficient (forget those cafe queues) and it embraces your entertaining side, as you welcome guests with the aromas and taste of freshly brewed coffee.

Missoni Designer Tableware
Missoni tableware: A few display pieces can say a lot about your style

3. Collectables 

Collectors, rejoice! Bring your delicate tea cups, spoon collection and unique finds from your worldly travels to life and put them on display! Open shelves and display cabinets are great to showcase your fine bone china, kitsch teapots, thimbles and other collectables.

What it says about you: Displayed proudly collectables say a lot about the homeowner’s travels, interest in different cultures and love to break free from the 9-5 box! And they make a great conversation starter.

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