Why a smart washing machine is a clever addition to your home

Plus, our top picks to add to your laundry.
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With the rise in popularity of incorporating smart gadgets at home—whether in the kitchen, bedroom, lounge, or home office—almost every home appliance or tech has a smart version. And the easiest to upgrade your home (and your life) is to look into smart alternatives to everyday home appliances. And the very appliance in question? A smart washing machine. Some can go without a dryer or even a dishwasher, but when it comes to a washing machine, it arguably is one of the most important appliances for the modern home (following a refrigerator, of course).

With all smart devices and tech, it comes down to every individual model when it comes to features. However, when looking for a smart washing machine, it’s safe to assume it will come with features such as remote/app control and compatibility, AI-enhanced cycles, and auto-dosing functions. Some models may also include smart home compatibility such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, for example. With that being said, all these extra bells and whistles mean these models come at higher price points, usually upwards of $1000. However, if you have the budget for it, opting for a smart washing machine is worth it, as it’ll make laundry day a breeze – meaning you can spend more time doing the things you love (and less on chores).

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your current unit, or you’ve just moved into a new space, below, we’ve curated the best smart washing machines on the market that’ll make for a clever addition to your home.


  1. Samsung 12kg Bespoke front load washing machine in black (WW12BB944DGB), $1296, The Good Guys (here’s why)
  2. LG Series 9 12kg front load washing machine in black (WV9-1412B), $1507 (usually $1919), Appliances Online (here’s why)
  3. Fisher & Paykel 10kg front loader washing machine (WH1060P4), $1249, Bing Lee (here’s why)

The best smart washing machines to shop in Australia 2024


Samsung 12kg Bespoke front load washing machine in black (WW12BB944DGB)

$1388, The Good Guys

Best for: busy & larger families

Combine powerful cleaning and a sleek, customisable and intelligent design, and you get the Samsung Bespoke front-loading washing machine. With a generous 12kg capacity (also available in 9kg), it’s perfect for larger households. It features an AI wash system that automatically selects the optimal wash settings for each fabric type, plus, with its auto-dosing technology, you never have to think about the amount of washing liquid or detergent you need for your load ever again. Just leave it up to your new smart washing machine to figure it all out.



Key features:

  • 12kg capacity
  • Auto dosing technology
  • AI wash and Energy Mode
  • 20-year digital inverter warranty


LG Series 9 12kg front load washing machine in black (WV9-1412B)

$1507 (usually $1919), Appliances Online

Best for: allergy sufferers

With the unique Allergy Care cycle with Steam, the LG Series 9 front loader washing machine opens up fibres and assists in reducing exposure to common household allergens such as dust, mites, pollen, and bacteria. It also features AI Direct Drive technology that can weigh and assess your unique load to select motions for an optimal wash automatically.


Key features:

  • 12kg capacity
  • AI Direct Drive technology
  • TurboClean 360 features 4 water jets
  • AllergyCare with Steam
  • Remotely start and monitor your cycle with ThinQ app


Fisher & Paykel 10kg front loader washing machine (WH1060P4)

$1249, Bing Lee

Best for: washing specialty fabrics

Reduce odours, refresh and de-wrinkle clothes with Fisher & Paykel’s 10kg front loader washing machine. With Steam Refresh – a quick 20-minute cycle – you can freshen up lightly soiled clothes without the need for a full wash cycle. Plus, if you have an array of garments to wash (all with different fabric care needs), you’ll be pleased to know that this model features 13 fabric care cycles, including a wool cycle that has been approved by Woolmark to ensure you can take care of your knitwear with confidence.


Key features:

  • 10kg capacity
  • Add Garment function
  • Approved by Woolmark
  • SmartDrive technology senses load to deliver better fabric care
  • Wifi enables and works with SmartHQ app for remote control functions


LG WashTower 12kg-9kg combo washer dryer

$3999, The Good Guys

Best for: those looking for a luxurious two-in-one option

Now, stacking a dryer on top of a washing machine may seem a bit obvious. However, what if we told you that you can control both units with one central control panel? The LG WashTower is a stackable washer-dryer solution that features AI Direct Drive intelligent fabric care technology as well as smart control and ThinQ-compatible functionality.


Key features:

  • 9 star energy rating dryer
  • Space-saving design
  • Smart control and ThinQ app compatibility
  • Central control panel for both units
  • AI Direct Drive technology

What is the point of a smart washing machine?

Having a smart washing machine with remote-control functions means you can tick off your laundry chores for the week without even being at home. You can also monitor your load via brand-specific apps to ensure your cycle is running smoothly. Furthermore, other smart functions like Auto-dosing (where the amount of detergent needed for your cycle is automated) allow you to take the guesswork out of doing your laundry, and the result is an effective, optimal and efficient clean every time. So, if all these aforementioned functions seem helpful for your everyday life, then a smart washing machine is well worth considering.

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