Five features to look for when buying a washing machine

From spin cycles to noise, here are the top things to consider when purchasing a new machine
LG washing machine

With so many features and functions available on washing machines these days, it can get a little overwhelming and hard to cut through the noise when it comes to finding the right machine for you. You want to make the right choice as you’re potentially investing a lot of money in a product that hopefully will be with you for a long time. So to help narrow down your choices, we’ve come up with five useful features to look for when shopping for a new washing machine. 


Range of cycles

Look for a machine that offers a range of cycles, from deep cleaning through to careful rinses for specific fabric types. For those who like to get things done quickly, look for a machine that offers a fast wash cycle, but still offers outstanding performance. You also want to find the right capacity to suit your household’s needs, so get out the scales and weigh your laundry and go with the maximum load to give you an idea of where to start in terms of washing machine size.

Pause and add

Are you looking at purchasing a front load washing machine? Then make sure the machine has a ‘pause and add’ function. In the past, one of the biggest gripes with front load washing machines was the inability to add items once the wash cycle commenced. But with some units, this is no longer the case. Begone, the one dirty sock that got away and couldn’t be added once that door was closed!

Self-cleaning function

Have you ever thought about cleaning the inside of your washing machine? Not many people do. Detergent and other residues can build up in top load washer tubs, so units that come with a feature that allows a monthly clean isn’t a bad idea. By performing a monthly clean, you’ll assist in keeping your machine in top condition, which in turn helps extend the life of your machine.


Noise and vibration is an important factor, particularly for those living in apartments. Direct drive motors tend to be quieter and more reliable than the traditional belt and pulley systems. Additionally, there are less moving parts with a direct drive motor, so potentially less servicing involved.


Like most electrical appliances these days, washing machines are getting ‘smarter’. For example, LG washing machines feature ‘Smart Diagnosis’, a function that helps you troubleshoot issues via an app on your smartphone which minimises the need for unnecessary call outs, saving you money and time. The latest appliances now even include technology to download and install new wash cycles to your machine so you can customise your washer to your individual washing needs. Smart, eh!


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