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The 3 bathroom trends we’re all jumping on for 2019

And how to carry them off in your home

At Home Beautiful we travel ahead of the trends to show you how to not only make them work in your home, but incorporate the latest products and looks into your spaces ways that will transcend trends to stand the test of time.

Sometimes products come along that challenge even the most seasoned interior designers and decorators and this might be one of those times. The latest bathroom trends are dividing designers and frankly, we know why – we’re talking about making bold style statements and things could go horribly wrong if not handled with deft decorating flair to get the balance just right.

Here’s help to make your style sing, rather than shriek, in your bathroom.

Bathroom trends
(Credit: Candana)

Trend 1: Statement basins

“Terrazzo is making a huge comeback but what’s different about this is the interesting colours – let that inform the colour scheme for your entire bathroom,” says HB Editor-in-chief Wendy Moore. “It’s not about greys and stone colours now, we’re bringing in beautiful feature colours like blues and greens and pinks and even metallics. It’s a very luxe look but it’s understated luxury” says Wendy.

Bathroom trends
‘Hui’ basin in Terazzo, Remodern (Credit: Remodern)

The trend for coloured basins is taking bathrooms by storm but how much is too much colour in the bathroom when looking at embracing a bathroom trend?

“In most cases, less is more,” says Managing Director of Candana Bathroom Ware Marc Reed. “Some of the most beautiful bathrooms I have seen is where there is a perfect harmony of simplicity and quality.”

“I am a firm believer in making just one aspect of the bathroom the highlight and everything around that should complement but not over power the feature. Whether this be the tiles, tapware, bath or basin, keep it simple and don’t overcompensate for your statement item.”

“If using a coloured basin let this be the feature and concentrate on all other items complementing this.”

Marc Reed, Managing Director, Candana Bathroom Ware
Bathroom trends
Nuecrete ‘Quarry’ and ‘Silo’ basins, Candana (Credit: Candana)
Bathroom trends
‘Hui’ vanity basin, Remodern (Credit: Remodern)

“These basins are stunning and should be the focus of the bathroom,” says Marc. “As concrete is seen as a rough, textured and almost industrial feel I like the addition of a living, breathing item such as an oversized plant that softens the room. Also, coloured towels or accessories are a must, simple soft furnishings like candles and incense sticks are lovely,” Marc suggests.

Trend 2: Coloured tapware

“Without doubt the current trend remains with coloured tapware – brass, brushed nickel, matte black and copper,” says Marc. “An exciting development is the way these taps are now plated. For decades, we have been electroplating tapware but a new finish has come on to the market called PVD. The best way to explain this is to liken it to car paint. The great thing about PVD is that you can get beautiful colours that will not tarnish or patina over time. In fact PVD is now a far more durable surface than the traditional electroplating option. Companies like VOLA from Denmark and Brodware from here in Sydney are leading this development.”

“Bringing colour in the form of tapware, plants and tiles is my focus at present.”

Marc Reed, Candana Bathroom Ware
Bathroom trends to look out for
(Credit: Highgrove Bathrooms)

Brass remains the most popular finish for tapware right now and this trend doesn’t show any signs of ending. “There are so many variations of this colour it can sometimes be overwhelming,” says Marc. “Brass tapware gives warmth and movement in the bathroom that we have not had in the past 10-20yrs. Weathered brass, brushed brass and brushed Swiss brass are the standouts,” he says.

Bathroom trends
(Credit: Highgrove Bathrooms)

“The great thing about brass is that it goes really well with tile colours such as white, grey, concrete, black, green and blue.”

Marc Reed
Bathroom trends
(Credit: Jody D’arcy)

“The fixtures and fittings you choose should remain for years to come, so picking the right ones are very important when renovating a bathroom,” says Brand Specialist at Highgrove Bathrooms Wesley Sinclair. “Select pieces with style to be proud of, like brushed brass or matte black accessories – they tend to suit almost any colour scheme. Also be sure to purchase bathroom ware with a warranty that will cover them for many years ahead.”

Bathroom trends
(Credit: Highgrove Bathrooms)

Trend 3: Unexpected colour

“Summer 2019 is bringing new trends in bathroom design, including bold colours and remarkable mirrors, along with timeless favourites like brushed brass finishes and bespoke concrete textures,” says Wesley Sinclair, Brand Specialist at Highgrove Bathrooms. “It’s safe to say this season is channelling bold and unique choices with the overall feeling of home luxury.”

“For those looking to move with the times and make a bold statement, darker colours are an emerging trend not to be missed,” Wesley continues. “In particular, bathroom ware and accessories in a deep forest green and striking navy are on the rise and will soon dominate new bathroom interiors.”

Bathroom trends
(Credit: Highgrove Bathrooms)

Take care not to overdo the colour but opt for an even hand with all of your choices. “All tap ware should definitely remain the same and have a consistent look throughout,” Marc advises. “For example, if you want matte black tapware make sure all your showers, accessories and even door hardware match. These days there are a lot more options available to us so matching brass, brushed nickel, matte black, copper etc is a lot easier than it was 8-10yrs ago.”

“In terms of colour, it can be matched but you do have to be careful not to overcomplicate with different colours in one space.”

Marc Reed

If adopting a bathroom trend when designing for your bathroom now makes you nervous for the long-term view, consider your options when choosing the right piece. “If the basin is wall mounted or sitting above the counter top then this can easily be replaced,” says Marc. “If the basin is under-mounted into the bench top, then it can be tricky to replace.”

“Styling a bathroom should always be clean and minimal for a modern yet timeless design,” urges Wesley. “Incorporating different coloured accessories, like thick towels or rugs, add vibrancy to any bathroom space, and by only having coloured accessories, you’ll be able to swap them out as the seasons change or new trending palettes emerge.”

Bathroom trends
(Credit: Sue Stubbs)

Follow your own style

Looking to bathroom trends is key to making the most of new products on the market but it’s equally important to be true to your own style. “Research and planning are vital!” says Wesley. “But start by discovering what styles and themes suit your personality and home. Although an overused term, getting to know your unique take on Feng Shui really helps when renovating a bathroom for the first time.”

“A great starting point for design is to keep your colour palette neutral and then build on it, incorporating an abundance of natural elements like greenery, timber, stone or brass for a beautiful organic feel.”

“Whether you have succulents by the window or lush leaves in one corner, plants are also a great way to liven up your bathroom.”

Wesley Sinclair, Brand Specialist, Highgrove Bathrooms

What spaces are inspiring the experts right now? 

“I love movement in a bathroom,” Marc enthuses. “Bathrooms have traditionally been a box in shape. Four walls, a floor and fit everything inside of that space. By adding niches in the walls with overhanging stone shelves that give shadow lines, [it adds] elements of depth and movement that can really finish a bathroom well.”

“The correct use of lighting, shadow lines and maximising floor space is inspiring me at the moment.”

Marc Reed
Bathroom trends
(Credit: Highgrove Bathrooms)

“A must-have for my dream bathroom would be lots of light, preferably natural, as dim lighting tends to make spaces feel small and cluttered,” says Wesley. “To enhance that clean, open feel, wall hung vanities coupled with wall hung tapware will free up floor space to add lush greenery around the bathroom.”

“My favourite combination would be of brushed brass tapware against a timber vanity top,” Wesley muses. “The industrial look of brushed brass pairs really well with natural elements like timber – not to mention the yellow tones from both those textures bring ample warmth to a bathroom space.”


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